Erotic Valentine ~ Velvet Babe’s “Mystery of San Valentin” ~ short story Valentine Candy & Love…


Velvet Babe’s “Mystery of San Valentin”

by Valentine Bonnaire c. Valentine’s Day 2014


In a flash of red smoke and stardust Oz dropped the Velvet Babe off in the biggest candy store in California.  Known for its checkered floors and glamorous truffles and gigantic red hearts she was determined to get candy, even if the line was very, very long.

“Oz, look at this crowd!”

“I know, Valentine.”

“I’m never going to get out of here.”

There must have been a hundred people pressed against each other, all greedy for their free sample and ready to start choosing.  Seven women who looked like they weighed 500 pounds each pressed against the Babe — ordering everyone around and telling them where the line started.  It occurred to the Velvet Babe that she was the only one wearing lipstick in the whole room.  Men were staring at her.

“Oz can you just make this line move faster?”

The lady in front of her kept flicking what was the semblance of a ponytail backwards as she gestured.  It was hitting Velvet in the face, as usual.

“Oz, you know I  don’t belong in this era.”

“You have to get your heart, little Valentine.”

“I don’t know why I bother.”

“Because it’s Valentine’s Day.”


Oz nodded and Velvet was dressed in a costume from the swankiest most glam period, ever.  Thousands of tiny fabric roses swirled down the length of her gown.

“How’s that?”


Suddenly all the men in the room were really eyeing Velvet but Oz had given her her favorite wide-brimmed hat, so she tipped it down.  Oz surrounded her with a fine mist from the house of Dior.  It was her favorite.  “Miss Cherie.”

A handsome young man of twenty stood near her, taking pictures with his phone and checking it every so often.  He told the lady in front of Velvet that his girlfriend only had two favorites among all the candies.  “I’m going to fill her heart with those,” he said.  It made the lady smile.

Velvet was tapping her foot, as she scanned the crowd.  She could hear everyone talking excitedly about the candy.  Some pushed and were crabby, some stood placidly, as people do in lines full of strangers.  More and more people kept pushing through the door trying to get in, because if they didn’t San Valentin would be frowning.

Finally it was Velvet’s turn.  “Truffles,” she said.  “Two pounds, please.”

The poor clerk had been nearly run ragged by the customers.  “You choose them,” Velvet said, as the clerk smiled at her.  Suddenly there was a ruckus at the door.  A very, very old man in a wheel chair was being pushed through the crowd.  He had on a beret, and it looked as if his grandson was pushing the chair.  A pregnant woman moved aside, so he could get inside the shop and join the line.  No one planned to offer him a place, and Velvet and Oz both saw.  They shook their heads at each other.  As the old man passed Velvet, his eyes lit up.  She looked down at him and smiled.  He must have remembered a thousand valentines in that moment.  Ones he had given or not given, Valentine’s days he had been in love or not in love — Valentine’s when he had  been all alone, Valentine’s when he had fought with his wife, Valentine’s when he had proposed.

All of a sudden San Valentin was standing next to Oz on a cloud.  Velvet could see them.

“Oz don’t!”

But it was too late, he already had.

In front of Velvet’s very eyes the man was going backwards through Time itself.  His gaze was fixed on her as Oz took him back through every Valentine he had ever had, all the way back to childhood when his little hand had shyly scribbled out a playground heart at recess.  Then Oz took him forward again, to a beach in Italy during the War.  He had been the most handsome of all the soldiers.

With one nod, Oz transformed his wheelchair into the most lovely chariot and steed.

“All yours,” he smiled at Velvet.  “Now take your candies and go.”

“But Oz!”

“I don’t want to hear another word.”

“Oz I have to be someplace.”

“Look at him.”

He was very handsome.


That rogue Oz had dressed Velvet in the swankiest lingerie ever.

“Sit on his lap Velvet, you two have work to do.”


That rogue San Valentin started laughing.  “It’s your job to drop these magic candies all over the world, Velvet.”


“Velvet there are so many lonely people.”

“I know but…”

“Just think how many people will be happy.”

“Will they find love?”


“Okay then.”

Velvet opened her big red satin heart and it was full of truffles.  She was sitting on the soldier’s lap and wiggling as she tossed them.  “It’s just like the 1940’s” he said, snuggling her closer.  “You remind me of a girl I knew in Italy once.”

“Don’t get any ideas,” Velvet said.  But it was too late.  He was kissing her neck.  It was all Oz’s fault.  As usual.

The heart had been touched by magic, and so it had a secret truffle for everyone on earth.  As Velvet reached into it, rose petals blew forth and drifted across the sky.  She started tossing the candies while San Valentin smiled.

The whole sky was filled with little truffles winging their way to chosen tongues.

“Look what you are doing Velvet!” Oz smiled.

She grinned like the Cheshire Cat as she nestled again the soldier.  He was going to give her an orgasm if he didn’t stop, and that rogue Oz knew it.

The Man in the Moon smiled as the chariot flew by, and he winked at San Valentin.

“Have we ever let this old world down?”


“What makes the world go around my, old friend?”


“With a little help,” Oz smiled.  “Where’s Cupid tonight?”

“I saw him at the store looking at cards and listening in.”

“People were crabby.”

“I know.”


Cupid joined Velvet and the soldier in the chariot of Love.  He drew back his little bow and “twang” the first arrow flew.  One of Velvet’s candies landed on earth into an unsuspecting hand.  One taste and the next person he looked at would be the one to fall in love with him.

“Who says there isn’t any magic left on this planet?”


“Who has more power than them?”



“Because we’re human.”

“Love conquers all,” said Oz.  “One way or another.”

“It’s going to be a long night,” the soldier cried.

“You can handle it.”

“What did Velvet get for Valentine’s day?”

“She does it herself.”


“She was waiting for Prince Charming, but…”

“Now she’s just my toy,” Oz smiled.  “Except for Mr. Swankypants.”

“Oz where is he tonight?”

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out.”

The Velvet Babe let out one of her trademark sighs…


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Velvet Babe & I.

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