Random images & random writing thoughts

So, last night — I watched a film in youtube, and I thought.  Omg.  This is the gen who may read you but also this is the gen who is 40ish right now, and this is how they came of age.  Go see.

— this is also the gen who lapped up 50SOG, and they are her age.  Watching this taught me bunches about that gen.  Bunches.


But then there is someone in that gen who gives me very great hope.

This guy.

What he writes is something beautiful.  Sometimes I have tried to write that as well.  I listened to him maybe three times, watching the vid.

I need to write White Suede and there is this huge procrastination in me for some reason.  I have been thinking now for three days, and some images have come for me.

These pink nails, for one thing.

I had thought of writing it to Elvis, but then Neil Young came — “Cowgirl in the Sand,” to be precise.  So, maybe it’s to that.

Okay, note to self — just start.  Now.

Valentine Bonnaire
Valentine Bonnaire

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