mermaidWell.  I finally learned what that word meant because of the Elliot Rodger thing.  And by now the whole world has weighed in.

To me it sounds like an Orwellian word — “in cell” and this could be because you are saving yourself for “that special someone.”

Since UCSB was my alma mater, and because I write HETEROSEXUAL LITERARY EROTICA you came to the right place.

I write for you, because all you have ever seen is the toxic sludge in the web.  Isn’t that right?

Young INCELS who want to read about a first kiss and a first crush?  You want my book HEART OF CLOUDS.  How else are you going to meet a girl and get that first kiss, or even hold hands?

Older INCELS who are too pissed to even have a conversation with women?  You want my book GARDENIAS.

You want to know what it’s been like for OTHER GUYS RIGHT?

I write about men, for men.



ps: unlike you, I have had many,  many relationships.  In fact, twice in my life I did a favor for guys who were just like Elliot.  That’s right.  They weren’t good looking, and they were so scared to have sex somebody had to help them over that hump.  Believe me, one was 29 and one was 36.

I’m going to give you a link to a free story of mine.

How I lost my virginity.  I was 19, but don’t think it wasn’t something I wanted to keep.  My best friend lost hers at 14, and she was called the school slut.

You would be lucky in life to know the men I have known, so all you gamers can learn a thing about MEN.  From me.

Here is the free story: “Once Upon a Time in Fox Fur.”



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