Assessment, Elliot Manifesto, INCEL, Red Pill, (Emo Heart) Genogram 1991————>

Okay so, yesterday — new concepts — INCEL and Red Pill.  Let’s look at these as MASCULINE LOGOS, and assess with that genogram timeline looking at the EMO HEART with a few visual aids, some from kids and some Hollywood style.

The Red Pill concept comes from a film “The Matrix” and seems to be important in two ways that we can see in this clip:

Expanding along the genogram timeline for Elliot, we see that at age SEVEN or EIGHT he has his first probable exposure to this concept.  He probably watched the film, and it was a blockbuster — so this relates to cultural surround as any films and music of the time also will.

BIRTH 1991———-> Age 8 1999 (Red Pill)——————————————–2014

Age eight I believe was core wound with parent’s divorce, new stepmother, potential therapist seen daily — as some news stories have reported.  Possible he is getting a diagnosis of Asperger’s at this time.  Age birth to age nine is when Depressive Position forms, right before age TEN when the child brain has CONCRETE thinking.  Day before yesterday we looked at 9/11 as a discrete event along this genogram as well.

BIRTH 1991——–> Age 8 (diagnosis/pills?)———2001 (9/11) shaping force——————2014

I was looking at some of the art of the kids during that period.  As you will recall the TV played endless loops of the footage for days and days and days, but we have to think of this as the mind of a TEN YEAR OLD BOY (or could be a girl) who saw all that.  Let’s try and fit a pattern of Narcissism with ideas of the SELF as facing tremendous “outer” fear of annihilation coming out of fears post 9/11.  What are the kids seeing?  Men falling from towers, flames and so forth.  This is on television for days and days and hours and hours.  The war breaks out.  We then see the “torture” of men, by women.  It’s possible that this kid and others saw all that? On the news.  What does this present to a TEN YEAR OLD BOY?  At the same time he has shattering of his family.  Lots of kids go through parental divorce, but based on manifesto we see wounds to EGO STRENGTH in this passage for the boy.

Kids are looking at films, written by adults in Hollywood.  What are some of the shaping factors in these films, and video games for BOYS?

Let’s glance at that backwards via images:

The NYT has a piece here…

The study, the first of its kind among such young children in the wake of the attacks, found that more than 40 percent who had such sequential traumas suffered from depression, emotional outbursts, poor sleep or some combination three years later.

By contrast, children who saw the attack or its victims but had no earlier trauma showed few if any psychologically scars.

The study, appearing in The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, suggests that very young children respond to trauma in the same ways that adults do. If they are nursing a previous emotional wound, the impact of some new scare or crisis is multiplied.

Although the piece above is on toddlers to age five — what are the impacts on age 10? Would be a first question.    Would this be discrete to males or females in terms of process?

So, putting any thoughts about the RED PILL on hold, now — because MEN can assess the Red Pill Reddit and Red Pill vs Blue Pill issues better along their line of LOGOS (thinking) — I am seeing Elliot join up with this community because he is trying to find MANHOOD.  In terms of  “mirroring and father” — I believe his own father was traveling a lot during this time frame working on a film himself about “God.”

So we have seen a pattern of a boy “searching” out his OBJECT RELATIONS when not skateboarding in the online world and Cyber place he goes to play games.  This concept of the game he plays “WoW” has been very important in terms of “self-concept” as avatar.  He is proud that he is ahead when he “wins.”

MASCULINE DEVELOPMENT = LOGOS in straight line fashion.  So the red pill commentary makes sense.  That community is here:  I see the boy looking for “guidance” — and of course this is to lose virginity/have girlfriend.  I saw a very striking youtube where he is “dancing” in his car out on Hollister.  He is almost mugging for the camera, winking, and trying on a flirt style.  Here is what is sad.  I haven’t gotten to that part of the manifesto yet, but — listen to the lyrics.  This is NOT something he can do in real life though, in front of a girl? From what I have read he can toss coffee on people — but in the safety of the “car” he can put on his male style.  You know, this behavior is no different than the 70’s Saturday Night Fever male.  Not kidding.

So where is the core wound to self that results in pathological narcissism?  Is this developmental?  Narcissism is born and all people have it to varying degrees.  Really.  Pathological narcissism would emerge when there is a threat to the CORE SELF.  So let’s look at this picture from the groupings on the EMO HEART, because this is what we see there — this terrible, terrible wound to the heart of a boy.  Over and over.  In the art.

Looking back at 9/11 — this was a female aged 9 at the time:

This is by a 14 year old at that time:

These themes of “Silence” “Not Words” “Annihilation” would equal the crying eyes we see later in the art of the EMO HEARTS, across the spectrum.

Let’s reimagine the Narcissism, then, as coming from a place of “fractured” on the CORE Safety level to SELF at age TEN in this case.

Thanks to this very talented ARTIST we can see the EMO HEART and we CAN HEAR IT crying in the lyrics:

We are so lucky to have all the hearts of the EMO ARTISTS.


All my best,


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