Depth Psychology concept of “mirrored self” tx plan #Elliot

This one really is for and the WP crew!

Okay so, the concept of “mirroring” — in Psychology what that means, and wounds if it doesn’t happen.  I have written a lot about that in the past — but, let’s think now for the gen WHO HAS GROWN UP in web?

So we have MIRRORING ————– “in outside world of real life”

And we have MIRRORING————-“in inside world of web as avatar”

This is a new deal.  Because kids never had the web, or the phones, or the toys as they are now.

So if we wanted to put a date on that, I’m not sure where we might start?  But let’s say 1984 as a birthdate…

BIRTH 1984——————————————————————————-2014

ELLIOT BIRTH—-1984——1991——————————————————2014

Okay so MIRRORING — what that is in a nutshell.  It’s kind of like looking in a mirror, only, on the other side of the mirror is a person.  In real life.

So out in the world, how Elliot got mirroring was on skateboard tricks — let’s say he pulled off a tricky move.  His friends would have either shown him or told him?

How might they do that?  “Verbal” or “Non-Verbal cues.” — think of this as simply as the FB like button.  Maybe they said, “Totally cool board, Dude.”  Or maybe they gave him a non-verbal signal like a SMILE?  That is what mirroring is.  Mirroring is how we get our sense of “realness” in the world.


Let me give you an example.  A little kid draws a picture and brings it home to MOM.

Mom says, “Honey look at this picture you did!” — then tacks it up on the refridge. — THAT IS GOOD MIRRORING

Mom says, “I hate this mess you drew.” — throws in trash can. ——- THAT IS BAD MIRRORING

First message is = “Wow, I see what you did how great.”  KID GETS “good feeling”

Second message is = “Wow there is something wrong with my drawing/me” — KID GETS BAD FEELING

That is VERY simplified, but very basic.  So kid getting the “GOOD” mirroring?  — grows up “well adjusted”

Kid getting the BAD MIRRORING? grows up wounded, in the region of the narcissism.

NYT has an article up today:

Last night I was listening to Kernberg lecture on Narcissism.  This is just back up on my theory of Malignant narcissism but if you listen a little you can get an understanding of Elliot.

Okay so LET’S FIX the WOUNDS by using WordPress as A MIRROR for kids.  It sounds kinda simple, but IT WILL WORK!

Here is why? And has already gone all over the world building this incredible “CODE IS POETRY” thing.

I am going to assume that AFTER 1991, people live INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE WEB, just like Elliot.

So here is what that would look like for KIDS!


But what about Elliot and how did he fall through the cracks?

Questions to ask are:

1.  How much time was he in the WEB

2.  Did he build an AVATAR SELF (as heroic)

3. How can we stop ISOLATION and BULLYING for kids just like we would do in REAL LIFE outside?


Okay so how would this look? In a blog form, for a patented thing that could be used in schools/therapists and so forth.

Person is real life person in FB — like I am, or is.

Person can be avatar self?

So, BLOG for the art and narrative is done by AVATAR self, for these kids.

If you look at all those millions of emo hearts?  What would happen if they could TALK via blogs?

What would happen if KIDS were not LOCKED IN SILENCE?

IF ART? is linked with words? not emoticons — REAL LIVE LANGUAGE!

So it would look like this:

Person one has this AVATAR and image:

Person two has this one:

TWO is called a DYAD.  Having a conversation.  IN TEXT.

So BLOG functions as self-portrait? ART AND NARRATIVE with AVATAR.

Person two says? Hmmm.  Person one I see you are in extreme dark with that heart in your hands?

Person one says? Wow, how come you drew that heart on your shoe?

And so forth.  BLOG could be used to ASSESS and ALSO TREAT? Really!

So when we see art like this?

Or this?


That is all therapy is?  Asking.  There is always a story about “WHY”


All my best to and the gang of WordPress fabsters!

from Adrienne

MA Depth Psych Pacifica Grad Inst. ’98

Here is a little on ART THERAPY to think about a bit.  I know you guys are going to be so on this?  I do. <3!



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