Building HEROIC AVATAR #DepthPsych #Ecopsychology #tx plan

So this AVATAR is self-referential.  But how does a person do that?  It’s about creating a NARRATIVE, and then using ART from REAL LIFE.  NOT BECOMING a pre-scripted AVATAR.

1.  You will need a WordPress blog, from

Everything will be from REAL LIFE in this — so you create your AVATAR by hand.  This means that you can photograph it?  Or draw it and photograph it?

For a start.

If you were going to design a HERO that lives inside you?  What would that look like and who would that be?

The only RULE is that you have to create that for yourself.

Something we could use in this project is a collage to tell a story?  So I’ll show you how.  You just need some old magazines for that.

Check this OUT!

So the first AVATAR you can make for yourself, is just going to be something you feel like choosing!

I saw a cool pic in a magazine I loved, so, I’m going to choose that for mine?

So, I can take a pic of that?  And because this is a WP blog, it’s very easy for me to put that picture in my blog.

Here is what I picked, for today.  I took a picture from a fashion magazine I like.  But you can use any picture you want, of anything you want.  I am going to be making a collage with this.  But today I’m going out for lunch with old friends, so it’s going to take a bit of time.  I just got the idea that we could do our collages like jpegs.  So, one way is to use scissors and glue like they guy in the collage video is doing?

And another will be to just arrange all the art, like you like it?  And then take a pic with your camera!  (That’s how I am going to do mine).  The jpeg of the finished collage can be uploaded because we are using WP.


YOU are making your own avatar, by choosing one, and then, we are going to tell, in writing, a little story about our collage — here in WP.

You don’t have to write very much at all?  However much you want.

These are the TAGS I am going to USE:

#HeroicAvatar #AlchemyProject  for now.

Okay here is what I picked!

heroic avatar #1:thinking girlI am going to use some magazine “WORDS” and PICTURES to make my first collage, this afternoon.  And then I will show you how we can tell a little story about the art work!

I picked her because she looks like she is “Thinking” — but she was also fashionable!


* I used to hold groups where we did these collages all the time, except out in “real life.”


We can do this “inside” the machine too!

I used this in GROUP, with GROUPS.  It was always amazing to hear the stories people would tell.  This is a technique from Art and Narrative Therapy!

Have fun if you try it — and, if you tag it #HeroicAvatar and #AlchemyProject and you tweet that?  We can go see.

All my best from Adrienne

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