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Yesterday brought another terrible news story. This: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/06/04/slenderman-behind-online-monster-cited-in-wisconsin-stabbing-report/

This is horror pure and simple — but what we can learn from this is “how affecting” a textual narrative is.   So what if we make changes to WHO THE AVATARS ARE?

From the piece:

On Saturday, two 12-year-old girls in Waukesha, Wisconsin were arrested on charges of attempted first-degree murder for luring a fellow classmate into the woods, where they allegedly held her down and stabbed her 19 times.

Court documents revealed that the suspects may have been motivated by their obsession with an Internet creation called Slenderman.

“Some say I’m evil, but all I ever wanted was (a) friend. I think that a few dozen casualties are to be expected during the quest for friendship,” reads the “About” description of Slenderman (also known as The Slender Man) on the character’s public figure Facebook page, which has well over one million likes.

The criminal complaint says the two girls were trying to become something called a “proxy of Slender” by murdering someone.

This is why I have thought up the WordPress Blog idea — for the heroic avatar.  Now this can be used several places?

1. As an assessment tool by therapists

2. As an alert for school counselors  — (uses in schools)

3. As a model of looking for the “good” in kids

4. As a way for kids to USE REALITY BASED “real” LIFE



Yesterday I looked at a few more vids relating to MMO.  Because of the song with all the avatars, we looked at.  So,  let’s assume that the kids CANNOT draw the line between fantasy in a story and REAL LIFE.

In this case you are looking at MALIGNANT NARCISSISM.  In the girls.  But they are twelve.  So how did this happen?

First of all, THE INTERNET.  So if we go back into that genogram and look at birthdates starting with ’84:

1975———————-1984—————————1991 (Elliot)——————2002 (girls)—————————–2014

Let’s assume that SINCE 1991, at least — we can track “SURROUND” by what they are looking at.  So in the case of Elliot I watched something yesterday?  And I looked at this.  Also there is something really good coming so, hang on!

Look at the THEMES as they roll across this: http://www.mmogames.com/

Now pretend you are TEN YEARS OLD.

These are animations, written by ADULTS.  So, let’slet the kids begin to do their OWN.  This is HOW we are going to be able to HELP these kids from the era 1991 forward.   I’m just going to assume having just been in a BEST BUY the other day — that every kid (almost) has these games and access to the INTERNET and pretty much the parents are letting the kids roam around and play “unsupervised” for hours.

Most kids might have a TV and a computer in their rooms in 2014.


So what did we see in that movie on ART THERAPY the other day?

1.  Painting and drawing

2. Writing

3. Acting

4. Poetry

5. Photography

6. Ability to make film (youtube)

FANTASTIC!  This is going to be the CURE, Ma.tt and Co.

Here I am watching some of what they are looking at?  A kid raised on these has made this vid.

The first thing I notice about the games above?  The skateboard and the BMX bike?  My brother had those at TEN, only he was OUTSIDE riding them?  So how has it changed then since 1991 — outside riding and skateboarding ———- to INSIDE on a machine doing those things?

When you listen to the kid talking in that vid? He seems to know all about the games and who built them and so forth.  He would have had to research all that stuff?  So this is a kid who spends a lot of time on these and grew up on them.

It’s not clear to me what this is?

I can’t tell if I am watching TV or a reaction to a TV show or an actress?  This vampire/zombie thing has TO GO!



The heroic avatar is based on SELF and a self NARRATIVE.

Next blog post will talk about that — it’s going to be a really good thing.


From Adrienne

MA Depth Psych Pacifica Grad Inst.  ’98

ps: I read about a new treatment model yesterday in FB from a therapist friend — this one: http://www.umassmed.edu/psychiatry/globalinitiatives/opendialogue.aspx  I need to look into this more but the Finnish model tandems what I am thinking of here.

Hugs, WP.

pss: Matt & Co — this plan will work with any population. In schools,  in hospitals, in prisons and in the home?  It really will.  It’s really safe, because of WP.  Yay!


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