BUILDING “safety chains” #Depth Psych #Ecopsychology #HEROIC AVATAR concept #txplan

The concept for THE ALCHEMY PROJECT actually came to me back in 2011, and is based in all kinds of research I have done for my old field.  I became a writer after my mother’s passing, and I stopped my goal of practicing.  For one thing I had always worked for FREE (which was dumb) but my heart was in it.  It’s been boring not working for the last decade.  Really.  I am a member of the SB Writers Conference, and I do intend to write healing narratives as “Bibliotherapy” and I do….

But — the UCSB deal with Elliot Rodger and now the Wisconsin girls?  Violet Blue is one of the top writers and editors in the genre I have written in, also just up the coast a bit — well she just weighed in over at tumblr on the girls:

Yeah.  It’s actually scary.

My research began here in WORDPRESS on “cognition” in the generation we have been talking about that played the pre-scripted games.

I was trained in Depth Psychology at the best school for all that.  I was.  So, not to waste my education… (before that I worked for a newspaper)… (20 years)…


So the Alchemy Project just got activated yesterday.  Again.  Only this time I am starting to show it to people I know — Dr. Brent Potter and Reid Meloy (Psychologists) and my friend Beth Weekes (art teacher from Canada).

It was actually my experiences in WordPress that led me to develop this concept?  It really was!  I wrote a post on that I’ll have to hunt for — but — I have been watching the news on all these kids going “off” now for awhile — since Columbine.

These things are part of this PLAN — as SAFETY CHAINS!




Here is why.

And why it probably needs a patent?

1.  WordPress can allow both safety and a “drawing board” for these kids.

2. WordPress can allow (via the blogs) — SAFE FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES, and GROUP PROCESS for kids.

3.  WordPress can be used to HEAL via ART & NARRATIVE THERAPY (by allowing that as a vent for these kids)

4. FACEBOOK is REAL LIFE (degrees, old colleagues, people one knows in REAL LIFE!)

5.  FACEBOOK WILL HAVE REAL PEOPLE that kid KNOWS and that know KID!

6. PARENTS can use FACEBOOK (to see what is GOING ON with their kids)

7. THERAPISTS can view THEIR CLIENTS treatment (AS BLOG) as “unfolding”

8. TWITTER is a way all three of these things can work together!

Okay how did I figure that out?  Hmmm.  I am in all three?  My nom came from all my published stuff, so the blog was made at first for that?  So think of the nom as AVATAR self.

THE ALCHEMY PROJECT has my real SELF attached through FACEBOOK.

So that is HOW TO MAKE A SAFETY CHAIN — for in and out of the WEB.

KIDS and people following the ART AND NARRATIVE WORK can be ANY NAME THEY WANT FOR BLOG AND AVATAR (so they are SAFE and anon.)

IF A THERAPIST refers A KID IN? THEY CAN WATCH THE KID’s BLOG (so this is as diagnostic)

KIDS CAN FIND FRIENDS! (this is based on my experiences at WordPress — and meeting friends via TEXT and NARRATIVE)


KIDS can learn to let out some of the “stored” manifesto (like Elliot’s) and if there are problems CLINICIANS can see?

Okay onwards ———->


from Adrienne


another sad news story from today — I looked at his FB page. 24 years old.  Very few FRIENDS.  The project is to create REALITY BASED things.  VIA ART.

This is off the New Yorker — on the Elliot Rodger, plus Trigger Warnings in Literature.

So the Wisconsin girls got their ideas from a HORROR SITE in the WEB.  Very PROBLEMATIC — they were 11 years old?  If we use that genogram again and use the timeline like this: 1975 (books and TV)—————————–1984–(beginning of web) ———————1995 (shooter games) ———————-2002 (birth of Wisconsin girls) —————2014.  What can we learn from a generation who HAS BEEN RAISED on the WEB?

Elliot Birthdate = 1991—————————————– Wisconsin girls= 2002—————————————————-2014.

Can we use NARRATIVE and CHARACTER to HEAL?  I think so.  I really do.

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