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So, let me tell you a bit about SELF PSYCHOLOGY and Heinz KOHUT — not that you need to know all this stuff, but — this concept of a MIRROR — comes from Object Relations and one of the guys that was best at that was called Winnicott.  The tx planner is based in PLAY THERAPY techniques, but we are making that in a WordPress World.

I have no idea how you guys at WP have done the CODE IS POETRY — but you have made it so easy… I am not kidding.  To make a project like this.

So, one of the WOUNDS we saw in Elliot Rodger was Narcissism and the whole web went off on that — except, I’m putting that on hold a little.  Because of the Wisconsin girls.

Here is the PROBLEM:


In a nutshell, that is the EMPATHY we see develop in children up to age NINE.  After NINE — the MIND just learns FACTS and LOGIC — age TEN begins that process according to PIAGET.

What “NO REMORSE” means in these two cases is what we are going to be TREATING via ART & NARRATIVE interventions.

So here is a little article about that, except, what we are going to be doing is the opposite.  WE ARE GOING TO GIVE LIFE rather than deal with death.

Now, let’s assume that giving a birthdate of 1991————————————————–>  We really do have a problem with the pre-scripted narratives, and that, stories like the Slenderman concept are being believed by ELEVEN YEAR OLDS.

In both these cases you have FLAWED “LOGOS” or LOGIC around “COGNITION” and I have written tons here on that.  I think what started that off was Loughner the guy that shot Giffords?  Okay so I was able to view because of youtube his “cognition.”

Okay so what is IMPORTANT about that vid.  Notice how it is JUST LIKE THOSE VIDS WE WATCHED of the pre-scripted GAMES.  It really is.  Let me show you one.

Okay so guys and or tech people Matt knows?  Are going to be able to talk to older tech guys and figure out the TIMELINE for who played these and WHEN — totally easily over a coffee.  I know that.  We just want to try and narrow down a time frame.

Okay so the concept of the MIRRORED SELF versus the NON-MIRRORED SELF and here is where the ALCHEMY PROJECT takes off.  In terms of building THAT MIRROR!


The WOUND we are seeing is coming in my opinion from TWO PLACES

1. NON-MIRRORING by HUMANS (stuck inside on computer games in web — getting learning from that — “solo”)

2. POTENTIAL OVERMEDICATION (Kipnis research on that) to kids (via schools/doctors)

This is just for and the rest of you to talk about, between all of yourselves — so what themes are we seeing in these?

One of my last clients when I was working for Family Service Agency had no sense of “INNER SELF” — (Cognition)  It was like he was in a fantasy world, and age 19 is often when Schizophrenia can present.


Let’s just talk about REGULAR KIDS and then go backwards TO OUR CHILDHOODS for a sec.

Matt’s DAD will know how BOYS his age grew up and what TOYS they played.  What DAD could we find for a BOY who is 12 to 15 right now among Matt’s friends.

It’s the same thing for GIRLS.  And TRANS people.


The moms and dads in TECH will KNOW THE ANSWER to this!

So we talked about CULTURAL SURROUND a little — here is what that means…


What are the main themes in this era for KIDS that are CULTURE like movies, songs, lyrics, fads and so forth.  We established that 9/11 is FEAR as a background motif.

That piece Matt had up in his blog the other day had a pic of the Geico lizard in it.  I am concerned that these kids cannot differentiate “REALITY” as being PEOPLE or ANIMATIONS and that is what we have to find out.  That is where the “No REMORSE” part of the WISCONSIN girls is so TROUBLING.

Okay so we walked through the videos that we know are TOYS and “not real” but then we saw Loughner “walk through” a campus just like he was in a video GAME.

I don’t know about the games, like I said?

But you guys will know people who did.  Here is what I am thinking.  An overmedicated kid (affected reality/numbed reality testing) who is lonely, gets bullied (peers/teachers?) — retreats to ONLINE world of “games” in Elliot’s case 14 hours a day?  In Elliot case — he is enraged and acts out like Loughner and the others.  In Wisconsin case, a girl has NO REMORSE (empathy) about stabbing a human.  But look again at that world of horror they are seeing with all these zombies and so forth! Omg.


ps: tomorrow is the SB Writers Conf YAY — and I am taking my kid’s book HEART OF CLOUDS back again.  The therapist me wrote a kid’s book to help them CURE depression by learning how to meet and “talk” in real life!   So the ALCHEMY PROJECT is an extension of the book.

Let’s say that all these kids don’t know how to MAKE FRIENDS because their friends are ALL ONLINE?  I think we are seeing the problem right there.  So what the HEROIC AVATAR is?  Is to make a PLACE (SAFE) for kids to MAKE A PICTURE (HEROIC AVATAR) on a blank ARTIST CANVAS (WORDPRESS) and start LINKING as a series of SAFETY CHAINS all the way back out to REAL LIFE!

That’s it in a nutshell!


Thank you Matt and the others for coming by.  I love what you are doing in the world, all over the world and your parents must have been so great because MATT — they made a GENIUS (when they made you).


THINGS KIDS CAN USE FOR ALCHEMY PROJECT are totally simple and they probably have access to them.

1.  Camera (all the selfies — yeah they have those!)

2. Simple pens and paper

3. Simple crayolas

4. Computer (yeah they all have or a phone that does it)

All the best to you, from Adrienne

over at:


so, this was first one to show you how easy to get a first self-designed avatar from found objects! Srsly!

HEROIC AVATAR ALIVE — if the KIDS begin to do this — it is a REFLECTIVE PROCESS.

They are not ANIMATIONS in a VID game — they ARE HUMAN.




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