The most secret literary genre #writers

It’s Literary Erotica.

Let’s face it — this genre is read in SECRET most of the time — it really is.  On the agent panel yesterday it was all about platforms and connection with the reader — well, my thoughts on that with this big pile of short stories…

I want to produce my children’s books into films.  The only way to do that is to sell something to Hollywood.

The last film to come out that was done like this had James Spader in it…

Only, I’m thinking Nicholas Cage.  Because he’s such a great actor.

So, anyway yesterday I gave a copy of  this to my screenwriting teacher.  He’s the best.   My story Irish Honey.  Yeah, filmworthy.

Every story I write is a character study.  And those are what actors love.  Because they get to BE characters…

That was mine!  Hanky-panky in an Irish village…. LOL!

You know, I like to think the reader starts like this:

passageand ends like this: stephen1



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