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This post is for and the WordPress gang but also The Mozilla fabsters.  Mozilla has a new project that is so cool and this is the kind of thing that could be part of that Alchemy Project deal.  Because you could pair this so we never have to see another lonely kid out there that was like Elliot Rodger.   So we had talked about making a heroic avatar from real life.  But what I want to talk about again are all those emo hearts out there, over medication of children, and building a web that can diagnose and TREAT in ways that are GOOD and not HARMFUL!

So Moz has this “makers” project going on.  This is SOOOOOO Perfect!  For one thing –any creativity cures depression all by itself.  We already showed how SAFE the WP community is, because of how the tools work.  So kids could be anonymous as the name of their blog — for all this art and narrative.

Here is that Makers Project.

I just signed up to get emails.  This is so cool!  There is a little film and you can see kids making a movie and lots of pix from flickr of what they are doing.

So — in SCHOOLS and in LIBRARIES are cool “supervised” REAL WORLD places for kids.

So we had talked about how these kids were raised totally on electronic tools, some of them…

The interventions in THE ALCHEMY PROJECT what we are wanting to do is BEGIN A PLACE for SELF-NARRATIVE.  (As HEROIC AVATAR).

So I just did one — a simple drawing exercise that comes from my own childhood, and one of my fab art teachers along the way.

For this one you will need:

1. PAD

2. Something to trace your hand

3. a camera or a cell phone or a scanner — to upload into those WP blogs.

That looks like this!

Simple sketch pad, and something to draw with
Simple sketch pad, and something to draw with

alchpro2a alchpro3 alchpro4the purpose of this intervention is because we are only seeing three colors in all those emo hearts we looked at in the google images.  So I took the picture of my hand and made it gray on purpose.  But you don’t have to!

These were taken with a little camera I have and uploaded really quickly.

Okay so, in my art class all those years ago — the teacher drew us– our profiles, and then had us write paint and draw what was “in our heads”

But — we will get  there.


Let’s start with the hand only.

So this would be an intervention:

SET A TIMER for ten minutes.

USE THE PAPER that you drew your hand on!

Any place on that paper, you will be writing for TEN MINUTES, as MUCH or as LITTLE as you want.

Some people will have more to say than others.  That’s okay because there are not RULES.  JUST SET the timer and BEGIN!

That’s it!

For the WP part of this….

Anybody in THE ALCHEMY PROJECT can have a WP BLOG — and this could be tailored to schools and libraries through something you guys know how to make for kids liek MOZ is doing above!

If kids in that age bracket begin to do a project like this, we will get at the roots of the depression and we will be able to see cognition in action.

Kids who do this in groups?

Can share their stories!


from Adrienne


MA ’98 Depth Psych from Pacifica Graduate Institute

The BLOG becomes a file in a sense of ART AND NARRATIVE.

If in a group you could have crayolas and let the kids do coloring along with words.  The main thing is to interject the REAL into the computer.




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