Feminism in a mini mirror 2nd wave teens! #advertising

I took a little trip through advertising this morning prepping to write some more about what it was to come up as a Junior feminist in the 70’s in the era of Roe.

So, I am just astounded about a truth I see here for the women of my own generation — the “Our Bodies, Ourselves” generation.

Take a look at this ad — because you will see a split in FEMINISM in this.  It’s the same girl — but it is actually two girls.

So, this brand was very popular when I was a girl.  But, I was the naturalistic girl you see with the freckles on one side of the mirror.

Some girls?  Were the coiffed girl.

I always like being the naturalistic kind, notice that she knows how to cover the freckles if she wants — but there is a purity to her.

The split for us was how were we going to do it all?

It seems like we had two choices — go for the career, or end up being a baby doll for the man who would take care of us.

Pretty hard, huh?

It was.

This ad really shows that.

This next batch of ads is going to show you images of men and women and the cultural surround.   Fashion mags of the time were telling girls they could do anything — some of us wanted college because we did not want the roles you see here:

You can get a feeling for what the gender roles were back then, that we were watching as young teens.

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