Building bathrooms

The one I designed from scratch was the most beautiful.

I built it for the man who was my husband.  He likes very dark Craftsman things.  So I wanted to get a feel for that, except have it be light.  I got really fab deals on the things I used.  How to do that?

I used a terrazzo corner base for the shower.  I used very simple cream field tile with a decorative edge so that looked like this.

tbath2Tbath1 tbath4

He never used the bath.  I don’t think he even likes it.

It’s stunning.

Oh well.

I am not going to worry about that right now.

I am designing my own house which is going to be a simple barn style — vast expanse of space like a huge art studio.

I have already chosen the bathtub for it, and potential sink.

I like really clean design in a bath.

Non fussy — same as a kitchen.  When you use a detail like this tile above it gives you many ranges for colors of bath towels you could use because of the earthiness or the iridescence.

For a kitchen I like pure simplicity.

Next time it will be even simpler in the barn.

An artist’s kitchen.

So I am going to move to Outer Banks after the house sells and do all that.

Whether he wants to use the bath or not?

Whether he even cared that I did this for him?

Are no longer my problems.

He has something nice that I did for him.

Now I will do that for myself, first.


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