Nanowrimo 2014 notes on themes in the novel AIR plotting arc & characters

Going to write an HEA (Happily Ever After) story this year.  Was driving around looking at people and wondering how many of them are the walking wounded in LOVE, from my generation but also from others.  My MC Esme is about to move from the house she has inhabited for years with her husband Todd.  She is looking for AIR, in the marriage and she is leaving him behind as she journeys east to find HOME.

HOME is something she will have to create for herself.

I want her to find love again, except the male lead she finds is even more wounded by relationship than she.  It’s Women’s fiction this year for me but I want the novel to speak to the larger populace in a kind of spiritual fashion.  Day four.  Plot emerging.  Not very far along.  But direction shaping up.  This is a chance to write some very beautiful love scenes that I ordinarily write in my genre.

Writing from this place:

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