Swedish Ribbon Cookies pix and recipe!

This recipe is out of my very deep childhood.  It was my grandmother’s.  I am blogging you the pix, with the recipe attached, because you will love.  Just one taste of these, or the scent of these, and it IS Christmas.  I am making a bunch of cookies this season and I am going to be a secret Santa in my town, by handing out the cookies on the street to homeless people.

I got some really cute bags, at a craft store for that.  Half of them I am going to give to my husband to dispense, and I will do the other half.

I hope you love this simple pretty recipe.

Merry Christmas from me….

imageimagePs: thank you Matt Mullenweg, for keeping the web safe for the world.

imageCream two sticks of butter, with a great mixer thimageimageimageimageimageimageat can handle it.  I liimageke this one, because it has such a powerful motor, myself.  I have had it for years now, and if you are going to bake all day, it can handle it!

Add I cup of granulated sugar, and cream them.  This mixer can handle rock solid butter that is ice cold.  Watch the power!

Next add in two egg yolks.  You can save the whites for something else, like meringues, or?

use the shell of the egg itself to separate the eggs, like this, and reserve the whites in a glass, refrigerate that…

Next add one teaspoon, or more, I like really big splashes, of real vanilla, and real almond extract…

Next sift two cups of flour.  I do this with a simple sieve, onto a plate.  Just tap the sieve against your palm, and the flour will fall like a snowdrift!

next add a pinch of salt, and keep mixing, slowly at first until the dough comes together.  It will be stiff, because we are packing that into a cookie press.

use the ribbon attachment in the press, for these…. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Use colored sprinkles that you love….

bake for ten minutes only… They are really fragile, and totally delicious…

ps, try and use the best ingredients you can afford when you bake and look for good eggs, and non rsbt butter, because like Matt, I am a Californian, and we care about that stuff!


from Adrienne

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