Reading Rand Paul #Politics2016

I feel that the best way to know a candidate is to take a look into how they think.  I will be reading both his book on Government Bullies and his wife’s book as well — about her college friends.

Listening to the speeches that Rand Paul has been giving, shows me he understands Washington D. C.

And I am very glad for that.

I got his first.

“We have been asleep.” ——– Rand Paul.

I am only a few pages in, but I can see how he is right.  He isn’t using the word Totalitarianism lightly.  The book was published in 2012.  We have an armed EPA, USDA, FDA?

That is about the scariest thing I have ever read.  I have already decided to support him for 2016.  My reason for this is that he is bringing something fresh to Washington.  Here he is:

Rand Paul

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