Thoughts on Brand Paul election shaping #POLITICS2016 #STANDWITHRAND

As one who resented very much what the Democratic Party did to Hillary Clinton in 2008, based on branding the very first President the US has ever had, I mean, in terms of selling a brand, because I worked once in advertising I am keeping close watch on two things in this election.

I want to see Rand Paul win because he is LOVED by Americans.  Because he IS an AMERICAN.  Because his values are AMERICAN.  Since he has taken a very non-globalist approach so far, for what I have seen, I know right where my vote is going to go.

Just like Ronald Reagan did once, I am leaving the Democratic Party.  It has been a very hard choice for me.  It’s the women in the party who were supposed to help Hillary in 08 and they did not.  I do not support late term abortion as Obama’s team does.  I support Rand Paul’s stances so far, easily found in the Wikipedia so I won’t bother getting you the link.

I don’t support any of the Foreign Policy moves the party is making of late.  I mean, Bay of Pigs was deep childhood and I loved JFK.  So Rand and I have grown up in the exact same AMERICA, in the EXACT same era.  In fact his wife appeals because she adores Laura Ingalls Wilder.  One of my own favorite childhood authors.

For me this campaign is going to come down to ETHICS.  I need to see a Party with ETHICS I can believe in.  I need to see an ETHICAL President.

This is what my very favorite president said to me in childhood:

He has a fantastic comic book coming out.  Let’s take a look:

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