A giant thank you to Ma.tt and all the other open source people

I think all of you are angels.  Let me tell you a little story of myself and tech.  I used a Performa as my first home computer.  I bought it to go to grad school at Pacifica in 1995.  The freedom!  Because at work, we were always held down by some very unethical middle managers.  My job at the newspaper put me in contact for 20 years, really great newspaperpeople.

And there were one of two in the tech department that I am still friends with, in FB.  You can feel free to friend me there, through about.me if you want. So you can see my real degrees! ❤

It was so hard in the late 80’s adapting to the constant stream of new technology that was coming in, and put out a daily paper.  All of you at open source are this incredible generation of people.  You are so unlike the men before you from my generation.  Sometimes they would get me to stay until the middle of the night struggling with the code is poetry part?  Because nothing was like this! ❤

So Apple and Microsoft are two very different things.

Apple is for Artists.

Microsoft was just hard.

It may not be that way anymore, I don’t know? I never had to learn Microsoft, thank god.

What you are like is a hidden magic tech department?  I mean it is just HUGE who you guys are.  And women and any way you gender ID yourselves.  I’m older, so I identify with heterosexual female.  No probs.  So many of you may have had fathers who taught you the tech?  But then many of you are just rad pirates like me.  With hearts of gold?  Yep.  You look out over the whole world, and you know that not having open source would be the worst thing that ever happened.

That you have given these tools to the world for FREE?

How beautiful is that?

So, I looked over at the candidate I was talking about, and that website changed in like two days.  I am very worried about the election, because of all the problems we are seeing?  I went over to ma.tt’s and he had that beautiful zenmaster film about life and fixing sushi from an old master.  I sat in the minute of that calm, and it took my mind off all my stress!

So today the experiences in twitter, and then coming back to my blog and seeing that yellow MATT icon, plus seeing the maps?  Was great!  “SAFE” — seriously.

This exact same safety concept will work in the healing wordpress blogs!

Now we are all adults.  We aren’t running off to join some cause, that appears very evil.  Making those gravatars and being able to meet friends who can mirror each other, the way that happened today, is going to help heal those kids.  Now, I have talked about a genogram before in here.

We just have to dial back and see what happened, that caused so much rage.  We can do this using cultural surround.  Music reflects eras along the genogram.  So Matt sent Radiohead and I know them.  I mirrored it back!  That is a core concept in Object Relations Theory.

Everyone that comes inside the circle of WP is safe!  Because of behind the scenes!  What they can see.  If they begin to write, and use symbols and the tools that are available to them, we are going to get to that golden bar on Maslow all around the world!

So here is that picture again!

Okay.  We are NOT going to lose the bees.  Or the water.

Or the air!

If we take the model even back to the 70’s that will be okay!

It was healthier!

I wrote in Heart of Clouds, what it was to be 13 here?

But the therapist me added a cure in those characters to heal depression in people.

If I can get my film made people will see CURE on the big screen.  I don’t need the DSM.

I love this song!

I have the feeling you guys are piping it through the web.!

MAGIC!  Because youtube looks different! hahahaah! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwjwKn9ARzY


Okay so here is that rose again to prove it is ME!

hahahahaahahah! great song lists!

We all like the same music!


peace - red rose

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