Image and sound as message and cure #Ecopsychology #Depth #MateriaMedica CURARE #Cognition

Matt and others following.  Do we ever have a fab treatment plan with this team, so no worries.  The power of an image in a webworld of floating objects, and cognition.  Don’t worry!  I feel far less worried now.  Because  Matt, Walter, the ability to pipe sound across void, screenwriting, writing and what I just saw.

So far the design part.  Lets do one together!

This is Marshall McLuhan.  He was very famous for saying the medium is the massage – “MESSAGE” back in the 60’s and this is how brands work.  I have written lots about cognition in the past in here.  What we have along the genogram is that fragmentation.  So, Wordnik flashed by the other day.  These are very fabulous tools.  So lets look at the cure we are building as if we are doing advertising but in reverse.  The WEB is the collective unconscious that Carl Jung imagined.  His notions at the turn of the century are now reality.  Think of web as window, but think of concept of DYAD at first for this treatment plan.

The first tools (as as a trial) I want to make an Invitd circle of THREE! Here is who the are.  MA.TT, me and Marcellomio!

The designers over at Marcello, what you are showing in images – this is going to be such a solid triad!  unbelievable! GRAZIE!

Do you know how we see in Twitter the flocking around a hashtag?  Inserting the curing videos is easy through tools at THE ALCHEMY PROJECT.  Don’t be worried, and do not think that CURE is impossible.  We just have.  Let me work on this a bit by using two things and designing a third.



So we are going to do one as not only cure?  But because we love design. ❤


The earliest medical treatments come from the Egyptian book of hearts, or the EBERS PAPYRUS.  Let’s go back there and see.

and I am going to put Matt’s face.  For one thing it makes me feel better to know he as at the helm of a very huge web, but also it is a great face.  By the time we get through with this it may get chiseled on Mount Rushmore!

So GENOGRAM 1900 ——————————————————————————-2015

Okay.  So we are using the web and I have read many articles about Matt, so I “know” what this image is.

This is a picture of Matt Mullenweg who is the founder of WP.  In black and white.  I can say this because I have “cognition” or “logos” which is thought.

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