*I seem to be at some kind of higher level in the web?  Because of some things I “observed” yesterday, and over the last few days in terms of how the web “looks” but also how WP looks, and twitter looks.  Especially behind the scenes.  So I “heard” a beautiful song.  It came out of the BLUE across the web.  Who knows how?  But I “needed” to hear it! Eff how fab.  What I heard was LOVE in the song in a burst so powerful and pure that it was a man’s heart singing to me.  It turns out that it was Elvis Costello, one of my favs.  Okay so lets make something.

We can “NAME” what this is by images and listening.  But is that going to be the same for everyone? I don’t know.  Let’s test the theory, and see what get’s mirrored back.









On this side I am doing the deep feminine.  I will give you the pictures and text.  I will wait to see what comes back.

TESTING word LOVE in twitter


This is the stream of images.  I do not “KNOW” = HAVE COGNITION of HOW these ARE “LOVE”

For Alchemy Project – when looking into the vast collective of the web how do we define what we are seeing?


USE GOOGLE SEARCH when presented with an image.  #Depth Psych

I had been looking into the emo heart so let me give you some quick searches. (Easy) for visuals but also because Marcello del fab has given me an idea so we can do a test.


I want Marcello to reflect back to me using words, text image and music what they see?  Can Marcello get a flat white clean WP blog with nothing in it?  Using these instructions?  AS A TEST.  This will be our first test.  And if MA.TT could do one to.  All you have to do is follow the instructions here.   Choose anything!  We can use the tools CloudUp, Invitd, and WP blogs as a way of making that first TRIAD grouping.  Right now we have a TIGHT CIRCLE OF THREE – in Invitd.  Later we will invite others in!

I will just stay on my own blog for now!

Thanks, Ma.tt

Marcello the designs!


*UPDATE my Jerry Brown blog?  I hate to waste space in WP so I need a flat clean one to?  Let’s each get the same one?  Like a blank sheet of paper.  Just make mine like yours!  THANK YOU!

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