A clean sweep for the ocean #imperative #plastic waste


We can look at a dream, or we can fix the problems.


Cognition is skewed around PLASTIC, because some people live in a plastic universe.  Go see!

Good thing I was eight when I read this on the big pile of books my mother had lying around.

My thoughts about the generation of emos that came of age in the web is that they must have seen too much.   I know this because of the research I have done.  It was right after grad school,  that I started writing in the genre I have.  Literary Erotica.

I was on a writer’s list, and still am, but, at that time writing took my mind off my harder cases.  I had lost somebody I loved in a way that so terrible, a motorcycle crash, I don’t know.  I wanted to show the beauty of what he was.  So that was my first story, “Man in the Moon.”

I just kept writing and writing because, I was an Art & Narrative style healer.   Some of the content in the stories?


Just like the book.

I don’t even know why my mother had that book.  Mostly she had art books but, I was reading so much that I looked at everything.

We need to clean this up.

At the same time, it is a metaphor for everything being flushed out into the sea.  The sea has so much waste in it from all the shiny plastic things you see on market shelves.  Toxic overload.

The emos saw too much because when they got their first phones?

I read a study that all of them “saw” things.

#AlchemyProject #Ecopsychology #TreatmentPlan.

We will use ART and NARRATIVE across all fields, to clean things up so that people can have beautiful lives.

No probs.

Thanks to Ma.tt

Who probably has no idea what he has designed, but I do.

Saving the world was a concept in my early childhood.  Ecology was sort of born here in SB.  After that oil spill.


from Adrienne

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