Exquisite Art Direction. Sweepingly beautiful! <3 M.Funk #photography #cinematography #film

As I think about the look I always wanted for the sweeping literary beauty I want in my films…

Out of sheer fate! <3!

Once again, thank you Ma.tt for WordPress.  I think you have built something for the artists of the world, in a way you can’t imagine.  Well you can.  Quantum!

The sort of cinematography in the clip above is the look for all of my films.  I suppose because I want awards for them, no?

Moi, je suis Capricorne! Venus in Capricorn! ❤ “only beauty”

The short story of mine?  “Once Upon A Time in Fox Fur”  – already I can see it realized like this.

Here is the tale.

The image of the woman looking out the window at the man on the beach encapsulates the entire story as it begins or as it ends.  It’s just an exquisite piece of film.  Sweeping lyricism.

Stock footage?

I had a chance when I was very young and over in Paris to go with the students…

I preferred to stay alone in Paris.  So I had three days to myself there, and they went.


I have been told that I write in a magical realist style.

Perhaps because my uncle was a magician when I was a little girl.

Here is the tale.

*Update* you cannot click through to the story but you do get a search box.

It is “Once Upon A Time In Fox Fur” and dedicated to my editor Bob.

It begins:

Once Upon A Time In Fox Fur

by Valentine Bonnaire
(for Robert Buckley)

erotic fictionMy mother bought me that fox fur coat.  How can I ever forget that night?  The night I wore it and felt so much like an adult.  I was nineteen.  That night I went against her for the first time.  I’m sure she was angry at me, but it wasn’t really anger—more a warning sign.  She couldn’t have stopped me.  I was taking a cab downtown to the restaurant because he was there.  I’d made up my mind and it was going to be him.

(my whole WP changed! behind the scenes)


I want any story of mine to look so beautiful it will sweep the hearts of all who see it.


The moon, or the romanticism in men…

Is the same

How could it not be?

A favorite Magritte!

My uncle! ❤



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