This is my magic wand.  I made it myself, of course.  At Pacifica in the second year, but then I saved it to use in my office.  Because oftentimes it makes a beautiful diagnostic tool.  You simply say?  If I waved my magic wand over you and we could fix this problem, what would that look like?

*PROCESS NOTES for TX planner:

I didn’t realize we could link out of FB but how fab!

Okay so juice fasts, water fasts, and all the rest.  Back story.  I watched a little vid this morning on the juice fasts here:

*there can be some creepy stuff out there?


The whole concept of “juice fasting” came from Hollywood.  When I was very, very little my grandmother used to take me to them?  Then there was Orange Julius, and Kaysers.

She was very into all that stuff.

There are two books you can read, that I read in my teens.  For my gen it was all about Adele Davis.

For my grandmother’s  Gayelord Hauser.

Here are the refs to them, above.

You know? You have to be careful. There are a million quacks trying to sell stuff.  Really.

There are a million products you can buy?

I mean.  If you want to do a little fast for a few days?

You don’t want any stressors.

You want to be in a place with very pure food, which is of the best quality.

You do not want to “tax” the system of your body.

If you have really good vitamins in the fruits and vegetables?  You do not need to buy ANYTHING.

The concept of ahimsa “first do no harm”


The girl in the video has a skin condition she was trying to fix.  In Hollywood is where it all began!

Under the banner of “Hollywood Health”

Orange Julius, was one such place.


Slowing things down and changing the toxic food chain by using ecopsychological methods will cure what James Hillman called “dis-ease.”

My fave book of his!

What I would do if I was way overstressed (which I am) by looking at the mass problems?

Is to take a little vacation to a good place.

Lie in a hammock with this book, drink some juices and eat some simple cuisine.

Don’t worry!


from Adrienne


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