THE ALCHEMY PROJECT *notes, process, intervention, tools! <3

Allow me to introduce myself to all of you.  I am Adrienne Wilson, and I hold a Master of the Arts in Counseling and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Without WordPress, that has been built by Matt Mullenweg, I could not have developed this plan, nor done the research for it.  Thank you to Matt and all the open source people.  What open source means to me?  Has something to do with transparency and truth but it is hard to explain.  I think it has to do with searchable-ness?

I’m not a computer expert by a long shot.  However, with this tool Matt has built.  We are going to be able to cure a few really deep problems.  As I left school in 1998, with my shiny degree in hand, I expected to heal and cure.  Little did I know that I may have just developed the most fantastic thing on earth, right here in WordPress!

Here is my school’s logo!

Well, actually it is a crest that means “for the sake of soul tending in the world.”

Here is the one from UCSB, my alma mater in 1984

“Let there be light for the sake of soul tending in the world”

How fab is that!

That is what Matt has made.  A “place” to hold running scrolls that are like books.

THE ALCHEMY PROJECT began as research into why we are seeing so much violence in the world.  As I blogged along here for quite a few years now, I used news stories to assess.   Ideas that came to me were that people like the kids at Columbine or even across the world were “going off” with rage?  We see these news stories daily.

Matt and his friends have made these exquisite tools we can use!

So let me play you a song from when I was only 13.  From the fabulous James Taylor, because the ALCHEMY PROJECT is about making FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES!

Because of WordPress, I can play a song to you!  (this will be important in the ALCHEMY PROJECT)

here is a link to the song of his Fire and Rain

FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES are something I put together during my time at Family Service Agency.  And now we can do that here with WordPress!  I used to run these groups the agency had me put together for senior clients.  I had them do art and narrative in my groups?  It worked!  They made friends!  It was actually incredibly beautiful to see them do that, to this therapist.

I began to think about the treatment plan in terms of genogram timelines.  This is a technique used in Family Therapy.  A genogram works two ways.

We can use it in two ways.

One is a timeline like this!


The other way we can use it, is to look at “generations” —- child, parent, grandparent.

All three generations can have friendship circles!

The treatment plan for troubled kids?  Might just be to have an adult or two enter a circle and insert a few positive introjects for the whole.  Really!  Don’t worry if that concept is too difficult to understand. The entire community of therapists will.  Across the whole world and in every language.


1. WordPress

2. Twitter

3. Facebook

4. A browser!  I like Mozilla’s Firefox, but lately realized I like Safari too.

5.  Some kind of device (I am using an Apple) to connect to the web.

Let’s talk about how this can work.  Anything is searchable because of Google.  So my research included imagery of the EMO HEART.

And because I looked at drawings of the emo heart, (because I am an art and narrative therapist) I saw a few things.

I looked at this too.  Their crayons.

What I see?

We can resolve.  Ps:

Using CloudUp

Using hashtags in Twitter #ALCHEMYPROJECT

Using this little camera I saw yesterday!




from Adrienne

* this is what we are going to be able to solve,  Matt.  Because of WordPress.  Not kidding.

We are going to be able to make the circles I have been talking about above.

Because of WordPress.

Your MIND designed it.

Can you even imagine what you have made?

With ART and Narrative techniques from Depth Psychology, in the clean slate that is WordPress as a tabula rasa for so many?

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