THE ALCHEMY PROJECT *notes, semantics, cognition, metaphor, JUNGIAN Theory, #DepthPsychology #newtxparadigm #ART

Here are my notes in a nutshell about these things, and why I wanted to PATENT, COPYRIGHT, and TRADEMARK my treatment plan with WORDPRESS!

#1 The fabulous ETHICAL MIND of the creator of it, and his friends.

#2 WordPress = “a blank piece of paper” for kids. (Or anyone who needs it).

#3 Carl Jung and his ideas about something he called

If we imagine the web as we have it now, we have the collective at our disposal to work with.  When I say this, I mean imagery!

As I was working out the plan, I thought,  well — we have the Wikipedia that can translate across the world, and anyone can use it.

So we have all these images we can use with art and narrative which are classic treatment from ART & NARRATIVE THERAPY.

So here is how this plan works.

For friendship circles, that will be treatment of the highest ethics, across the world.  We have scholars, and thanks to the Wikipedia, why, we have all the explanation in the world!


So, we have talked about the concept of “Mirroring” from Object Relations and Self Psychology as cure.  You can talk to the faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute about these things.

I have no idea why my mac just crashed, oh well, thanks to WP, Bammm! Project saved!

Okay so a picture I just took:Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.37.03 PM

See all those symbols under the song I was listening to?  I only use or know how to use a few of those.  People in your age bracket or tech people know how to use them all.  No probs.  I don’t need to know how to use them all.  For this plan, THE ALCHEMY PROJECT we only need a few tools.

Let me discuss my blog over at the Alchemy Project and the concept of a heroic avatar.

The concept of OBJECT CONSTANCY.

You know how all these people have avatars they made?  Well, we can prove who we are by using OBJECTS.  For instance, I used the same objects in Valentine Bonnaire where I am writing the tx plan, as over in the alchemy project!  An ocean and a rose.

Then I picked out a symbol I wanted to use, and I put that two places too.

This one!




Okay.  I have used those symbols in THREE PLACES.

#1 My blog Valentine Bonnaire

#2 MY Facebook


What I have done is create OBJECT CONSTANCY.

Meaning those three things can be associated with ME.  (as nom de plume, and real self).

If we look at the picture of the rose, pretty much everyone on earth knows what that is by a discrete “logos” or cognition.

All over the world they will have a WORD for this!

In English the word is ROSE.  In Spanish the word is ROSA.  In Latin the word is ?

I can use the Google translators to find out or the Wikipedia! (Yay!)

Okay so I just took these pictures!

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.14.37 PM


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.14.51 PM

I can go?


I never heard the word “surrexit” before.

Then I can use Google to look at the images associated with it!

See what I just saw?  I took a picture!

The orange bars I see locking what I wrote? = SAFETY!

Check this out!  I asked to make a locked convo and you guys did! ❤ See how fab WP is?

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.28.31 PM

K, very hungry!

Going out for breakfast and a walk with my dog!

I feel so HAPPY I can’t tell you. Because of HAVING WORDPRESS to help!  For all the little emo hearts.

See you later!


from Adrienne

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