THE ALCHEMY PROJECT *notes Object Constancy, Genogram, Jung, Systems Theory, *reality testing, *cognition, “logos”

This is an academic proof of a thesis!  (Ph.D level!) (or more!) HA! YAY!

It just proves you need to be around the right minds, in this lifetime.  And the right hearts!  If you have that, you have all the alchemist’s gold you need.

Alchemy is “turning base metals into gold.”

But, something my mother used to say?

About fool’s gold?

“If I believe it is gold, it is gold.”


Made from utter mysterium tremens in the web itself!

Jung was very concerned about WW1. He had a series of dreams and visions about it.  There are people in the world who can teach you all about that.  Some of them are at Pacifica Graduate Institute, so no problems on that.  

This plan THE ALCHEMY PROJECT uses themes of OBJECT CONSTANCY and OBJECT RELATIONS from a Depth and Analytical Perspective while linking to REALITY BASED Objects in the WEB, in two of the most stable places that exist!


Something both and I have in common?


To give you an idea about cultural surround and object constancy and the importance of these things, I am going to do a few proofs that use semantics, Wordnik, twitter and a few dictionaries as well as ground the reality based TX PLAN by showing you two HUMANS.  The two humans can be placed in REAL TIME along the genogram.  By using CULTURAL SURROUND!  By linking OBJECTS and NAMING OBJECTS we are building the foundations for the plan that shall HEAL so fast?  You won’t even believe it!

Take a look at this picture from last night in Twitter regarding the Joker.  But?  So are other THINGS.  (OBJECT CONSTANCY)

Depending on where we STAND along our genograms in the collective?


The JOKER comes from a JESTER, who is also the FOOL of the Tarot Cards you see, above.

Smiles across WEB at who called himself unlucky at cards. NOPE! ❤

Look how many Jesters there have always been!

For my very dear screenwriting teacher, also a thespian, I shall place another one.

For to be a jester in life, is a wonderful thing.


You just never know when the Soror Mystica might appear.

PICT0767.JPG5589c-tumblr_mhgp0ht1yi1s06f3wo1_400talisman rose:full

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