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I have just invented something that might save the world.  To even think that I might have?  HUGE.  But I guess that is what you get if you try and combine your degrees with writing and thinking.  Also as I work out the plan here I can’t tell you how grateful I have been to have this blog.  I have no head for business, but perhaps that is going to change soon, because I really need to be working again.  On something.  I have been working as a writer, and I go to the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference once a year.  Other than that?  My other jobs involved seeing vast amounts of people, on a daily basis.

Since 2003, when I left my job at Family Service Agency here in town, I have lived a very quiet existence.  The thing is?  This existence has been set for me because I am married.  I need my freedom again.  Freedom means travel, gaiety, people!

But I never want to work for a slave ship again, as I did in the corporate world.  I simply will not.  Life is too short.

I was watching this video and it gave me pause, not just calm but actual pause about what are we doing with our lives?  Watching it gave me a profound sense of calm in the midst of so much fear at the news.  And today I saw this.

My initial thesis at Pacifica Graduate Institute was on using films as treatment plans to cure things.  But now I have actually done it!  I realized sitting in my little office (after my mother passed) that it wasn’t much different than the corporate slave ship I had just escaped at the paper to change careers.  As a Capricorn being adrift is kind of impossible because part of our whole life’s meaning derives from have done “great works.”

Working one on one was TOO SLOW.  For the larger ecological crisis we have on our hands right now.

INTERVENTIONS must be lightening fast, because of the bees and the food chain.  My book Heart of Clouds has several things going on in it that deal with all of this.  FILM MAKES AN AUDIENCE FEEL.

Last night, seeing the news story of the young Texan actor who offed himself?  Post Elliot?  What is going on with the kids?  Is it our world?  Maybe.  What I KNOW is that most people my age see exactly what the pictures show in the Atlantic above.  How can we CURE that.  THE ALCHEMY PROJECT!  So giving it my best shot this morning.

I know you will understand this  ps: thank you for tat tip the other day on emojis omg.  I never knew my mac had that and I found it!  ps: all the accents are there too!  YAY!

Okay so this is going to be long,  I am fleshing out the TX PLAN.  But first here is a film I made for Heart of Clouds!

Same themes!

So Ecopsychology is about healing the earth and in turn healing the soul.

How best to do that?  Make it an entertaining story!  Feed it into the “stream” of the collective.  If you move people to tears they will act.

I noticed that a new thing in youtube lately is that, the films are linked together in odd ways.  NEW.  So what popped on after Heart of Clouds was this one.  Totally perfect in a way because of a few things I want to talk about today but, Here it is. 

Okay so.  Matt I have to borrow you, for the TX PLAN, and try and use myself and yourself to explain the concept of Object constancy in the web and why this will be the best thing that ever happened.  Or one of them.  Because of WordPress.  Which YOU invented.  I mean you INVENTED IT, and you said CODE IS POETRY!

That was just this incredibly beautiful thing to say?

How it resonated for me?

Was a place to WRITE poetry!



So I have to show you some things and they might make you cry, but.  Try and stay strong, okay?  Just a theory I have worked out.

We have 100 years.  To look at.  1915——————————————————-2015

GENOGRAM of this time.

GENOGRAM and OBJECT CONSTANCY show a model “in time” by using me, and you.  ACROSS TIME!  Easy, and also this is going to be imperative for the TX plan.

This plan, and I guess I should say, business PLAN has reach across the world.

It can be used in:

Medical industry to assess and treat

(Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Depth Psychology)

Assessment of Mental Stability.

In business.  Why are we seeing so much violence in the news?  I have a theory.

So it can be used in schools and companies.

(needs coffee, thinking too hard)




#1 WordPress Blog.

#2. Twitter

#3 A way of getting to those two things?  Maybe a way WordPress “owns” that is like Apple. (Device like a tablet?) — down road.

#4 Facebook

#5 CloudUp

#6. Invitd

#7 Narrative (the little camera I saw).



Okay so let me think about how I want to present these thoughts for a mo.  Because so HUGE!

But just know that, between the ZEN of that film and the Atlantic pix.  We can DO SOMETHING!


from Adrienne

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