THE ALCHEMY PROJECT * notes, *object constancy, *web, *time, *academic *proof *thesis *genogram

Not a bad idea to play some beautiful music when thinking of a magnum opus.

I daresay I have magician’s blood in my veins, because of my uncle Spence.


Of course, all creative people are full of magic! ❤

But, when I was a very little girl, my uncle showed me his magic lantern.  He had one just like that.

As, film is as magic as it gets.

And since when he was little, he performed magic, let me show you a picture or two of him.


In many ways the Alchemy Project is like a magic lantern as we sail the seas of the web.

If we use our genogram to locate things in time and space and name them?

It will be a good thing!


How on earth could anyone sail the seas of the web without a compass and a map?

Allow me to begin my genogram with my Uncle Spencer Crilly, who though I lost him when I was very young, remains and always shall, the largest hearted magician of my life.

There will always be a magician about in the world.

But not everyone can make a MAGIC LANTERN.

And since I have met someone much later in life who has?

Allow me to create my Academic proof, near the Mage.

For all on earth that are human there is a genogram.

But all on earth need only a compass and friends to help them traverse the seas of the web.

Most certainly I have mine.

But you must find your own!

A picture of my compass!

You will always be able to find a compass in the web!   Let me show you how!

You only need the rose of the winds to guide you!

Know that if you are ever lost? Wise angels watch over you at all times.

as they have from the beginning of TIME!

And other artists left them for you!

Such as William Blake.

Here is one of his!

Many of these angels live inside the Wikipedia!  Listen!  If you are ever scared, they will always be there for you.

Shall I show you the picture of the very great Mage who knows all of the angels inside there?

I can, you know!  Here he is.  One of the greatest magicians in the world.

For he invited everyone to play the Music of the Spheres.

Did you know that if you have seen something scary or that you didn’t understand in the web?

The person to ask about that?

Is your Librarian.

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