THE ALCHEMY PROJECT *notes, object constancy, genogram, reality testing, usage

Sardello had written that he foresaw sociopathy arising out of a generation of kids playing pre-scripted games that missed childhood.  That is something I had written up back in 2009 after another very violent incident on the news.

Okay so what the Alchemy Project does is this:


Reality testing!

What lies out behind the “dark.”

We cannot be sure in a generation that played so many pre-scripted games.  So The Alchemy project is PLAY THERAPY and I am linking into the Wikipedia now.  It is ART THERAPY and NARRATIVE THERAPY.

Let’s say we were a little kid, and we saw an image in the web that was incredible scary, but we were too young to process it?

Let’s say there was a flood of those images in the years post 1984, as the web was developing.

We need to figure out WHO WAS WHERE and WHEN along a genogram that is lifespan.

Let me give you some academic proofs, now — about what REALITY TESTING is.


First, allow me to introduce myself!

I am Adrienne Wilson, and I graduated from here in 1998.

Here I am!


In fact that is down on the beach where Pacifica is.  This is OBJECT CONSTANCY.  “REAL” and this is why the tx planner has ETHICS built in from the core.  Let me tell you a little story about a paper I wrote when I was learning Child Development in that first year.  My professor was Dr. Mary Watkins.

WHAT I JUST DID WAS GIVE YOU OBJECT CONSTANCY.   This means — that is me in real life, my education, and so forth.  Every person in the web will have this ability to have OBJECT CONSTANCY.

At the same time?  Because I began to enter the web as a nom de plume?  I have object constancy as THREE other names.  Consider these avatars.  Before I tell you how Magnificent WordPress is.

First let me tell you a story about that first paper I wrote for Dr. Watkins, and give you some visuals.  So I told you I got a Macintosh Performa to go to school and write the papers.  But it was the day I bought it?  That is the story I want to tell you.


DATE IS 1995.  So now we are going to begin to express that.


This was my first “home computer” and I bought it at Circuit City or Sears…?  What is important about this is what I saw.  It was Circuit City which at the time was like the big computer super-stores we see now.

This is an era when you walked into that store and for the first time there were huge walls of TV’s and computers all tuned to the same thing?  Here is the pic of the store.

So it looked like this in there.

What struck me?  On the screens of all the computers was a game.  I think it was this.  But Matt and his friends will know how to find out because we are going to need all the open source people so on this. ❤

To give you an idea of generational influences along the genogram as the “TECH” went forward, and to find out a couple of things, plus use OUR MINDS to figure this out, so we can do the TX PLAN for real?  We have to!  It is going to to be so EASY now.  Okay so we have to PREVENT this extreme VIOLENCE we are seeing manifest in real life.  My sense is that we have a lot of people that may not have “REALITY TESTING” as we do.  No probs.  So these games were toys right?  As I recall that little computer of mine was so cool because it could do a lot of things.  I had Netscape Navigator, but I was so busy at work and school that I wasn’t really using it for fun?  But I could use some little programs in Claris? To make art.  At work we were using other machines at the paper, eventually we got Photoshop and the whole deal of creative things they were building.

Okay so that game was called?

Boys would have gotten that game.

It is very possible that Matt and his friends (at that age bracket) played those games.  Anyway.  Let’s use the GENOGRAM now and insert Matt and all his friends!

This is accomplishing two things.  ONE IS REALITY TESTING!

This is a pic of Matt.

Let me find another, and show you how CONCRETE Reality testing works!

So there is this!

Stay with me for a sec, working out my thoughts….


I have used this example of TWO HUMANS! On purpose.

This is an example of OBJECT CONSTANCY.  (As a psychoanalytical model)

IN THE ALCHEMY PROJECT, the THERAPISTS who “buy” this model to treat clients?  Will need to be licensed and have a presence in FACEBOOK, ABOUT.ME and WORDPRESS — “treatment circle” “supervising clinicians.”



These are ACADEMIC PROOFS (Reality Testing)

So I exist as my most recent nom de plume Valentine Bonnaire (right here in WP)

If I google myself as that and get a picture?

I get this!

If I google myself as my real self!  I get this.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.46.40 AM


Because I am using WORDPRESS, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER.

So I can have an avatar self!  And I can have a real self.  THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT!  In the ALCHEMY PROJECT when used with the therapists who will be buying it.

Let me do who exists as this.  Which is the same thing as Valentine Bonnaire who exists as this!

So let’s think of the two names above as AVATAR selves.  FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE ALCHEMY PROJECT as a treatment plan.

When I talk about OBJECT CONSTANCY it means that you can FIND the same thing in the web.  Adrienne Wilson and Valentine Bonnaire have “like” objects in both places.

So let’s look at this PROOF, now with MA.TT.

(Sorry I had to borrow you but it was easier!)

Okay inserting book ref here:  IMPORTANT FOR ALCHEMY PROJECT

Jung’s Typology.  I can explain this easily later.  Thinking too hard!  No probs.

Matt.  This is one of the reasons the ALCHEMY PROJECT is probably the most important thing on earth right now.  I could not have worked this tx planner out without WP.  I mean there is no way to thank you.  My feeling about this, is because of the sociopathy Sardello was talking about. It’s okay.  Because we can assess and treat.  Okay.  We can STOP THIS and reverse  it.  I think we can rebuild the Piaget model that these kids may have missed by using play therapy and reality testing.  Okay so HUGS,  I mean HUGS big time.

Okay, so I had to borrow you for an academic proof!

Don’t be mad! ❤

I am simply showing OBJECT CONSTANCY HERE!

So here is a twinship genogram OR the meeting of two minds in the web.  “DYAD.” = TWO

TRIAD — in THE ALCHEMY PROJECT (as a treatment modality) —- = THERAPIST, CLINICIAN, and so forth as “OBSERVER”

TRIAD —- could be a LIBRARIAN or a TEACHER because this is PLAY THERAPY.

TRIAD — could be a HOSPICE THERAPIST who is using ART and Narrative in a group?

I hope that makes sense but just think about that for a mo.  The DESIGN of this project can be done with YOUR TOOLS!

And using the TOOLS your friends built.

DYAD concept = MIRRORING which is CURE! In this project.  So start thinking, HUGE! YAY!

Okay so with you, because you entered the web earlier?  AND because you a are a CONCRETE OBJECT (and HUMAN) which I can PROVE (as Academic Proof) let me show you that and then talk a bit more while all your experts and friends THINK.  I am the HUMAN ❤ (as are all of you) but you are the TECH BRAINS! So I am going to use the genogram to express this along a timeline for you.

This is falling under REALITY TESTING!

Hold that thought.

If I look for YOU I get this!

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.47.31 AM

or this

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.48.24 AM

So you can see that BOTH exist.  This equals CONCRETE REALITY TESTING.


For a very wounded person without CONCRETE REALITY TESTING?


They could not be able to differentiate YOU from a picture of say one of these.

Or one of these?

So let me go back if I can to the case I was unpacking in here a while back and get the link.

Here it is in my goodreads. Ha! You know who she is?  Yep!  Because of my GRAVATAR!

Okay, so: So far we said WORDPRESS (acts as an art pad) (tabula rasa) (blank clean slate) (white piece of paper)

What we would need from WORDPRESS is the easiest clean slate pure white piece of paper blog.  Because we want a blank slate that looks the same for EVERYONE in THE ALCHEMY.  So simple that a three year old or a 90 year old could use it.  This (and you guys in tech) (and open source) figure out what that looks like in the Themes?  I mean BASIC.  Because THE INDIVIDUAL BLOGS WILL EVOLVE OVER TIME (into TOMES) and that can be WATCHED over by an observer.  As Matt has been over his whole company.

This EVOLUTION from a plain blog ——————————-> forward is the TREATMENT.


Okay so remember this one?  I used a zen symbol I know you know too! ❤ And Maslow.  Here it is again and so, lets assume we have the totally dark side of the Tao.  And the tiny white dot.  This is going to be much easier than it looks, btw. ❤

So tech guys & peeps read this one!

One thought on “THE ALCHEMY PROJECT *notes, object constancy, genogram, reality testing, usage

  1. Hi Man of many thoughts! I’m glad you are here? Because you are part of my academic “proofs! ” hahaha! ps: also I see we hail from same place! Okay continues feel free to leave comments! ❤ This is a pretty huge deal… it is! ❤ Taken me long enough! This research goes back like? whew.


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