THE ALCHEMY PROJECT *THE BOOK OF HEARTS* ~ *notes on tx planner, concepts *genogram.

Okay, so now I am speaking directly to Matt and all his open source friends.   I don’t want to make you cry.  We are going to get to the bottom of this problem, and SOLVE it.

Because WE CAN.

That is thinking like a Capricorn, and what you got here in ME is a Capricorn!

Anyway San Fran is just up the road.  So not only is this a SMART BUSINESS THING.  But this is the biggest most HEART FILLED THING on the face of this earth.  Not kidding.

If only Matt had been my son.  Omg.  His parents have to be so proud of him.  But I was that dumb college girl right here.

But there is something very all encompassing about the genogram.  He had big problems that I can only reflect on now, so many years later.  So, as we have spoken about the genogram timeline (and don’t cry okay?)

I have a theory about why 1 in 100 has Autism.  So Matt.  If you had been my son, there might have been something very wrong.  So we are going to look through the lens of drug addiction along the genogram as well.

He did have a child.  After he finished with me.

He was a vet of this.  One of his things he liked was this.

Well, kids in my junior high were taking that in the 70’s.  Some of them blew their minds or “erased” themselves so I never did.  Try even once.  The daughter was diagnosed as Bi-Polar.  (Handy) right?

Okay so we have the rise of TWO THINGS along this genogram.  Across TIME.

Okay so not only are we talking about “games” along the genogram, when we talk about REALITY TESTING, but an era.  So, your DAD will remember the era I am speaking of?  And you can just check it all out with him!  (AS TIME, as REALITY TESTING) as REAL PEOPLE.

Okay so like,  the thing about two CAPRICORN minds?

We have the BEST OF ETHICS GOING ON.  That is just part of both of us? xxoo! <3!


Also, we like great food and luxury too! (STYLE) hahahaha!

So that is what you call a “twinship” transference!

Now let me give you my process NOTES collected behind the scenes here at my blog and show you that!  Because of the importance of BUILDING an ETHICAL “container” FOR TREATMENT of the HIGHEST ORDER!



“SAFETY” of WORDPRESS AS A MODEL! (Behind the scenes for every little heart that enters it)!

THEY CAN SEE WHO IS COMING BY IN NOT JUST THE SEARCHES, BUT?  Over the last few days something changed in here in mine?  So I am going to SHOW you why it is SAFE!



Okay so let’s go here to what I wrote as a theory, and see what your friends think.  It’s pretty short but contains this HUGE CRUX of the matter!  And because we have THREE GENERATIONS going on? We can take care of this!

The reason for the BUILDING of the HEROIC AVATARS is because, WE CAN!

Also I really like your business model!  Eff all of you have so much fun!

Okay so put your best tech minds on this and know I am just down the coast.

Matt.  When I was working?  If I needed help on something?  I went straight to the HEAD ALPHA DOG.


That is YOU.

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