THE ALCHEMY PROJECT ~ *THE BOOK OF HEARTS* notes *assessment *mirroring *paradox *genogram

I’m so glad I can go back now and get my research, omg.   Thank you WP!  Whew.  Okay, so back to the genogram in terms of TIME, and cultural surround.  Is this ever going to be easy.  I hope!

Okay so, we have all lived eras?  Cultural surround has looked DIFFERENT across eras.  Based on how we received the FEED in terms of music and so forth.  We can use the date 1984 as a date when the FEED from media shifted.  Again I have to borrow Matt, because perfect as example of a 30 year difference across time!  At end of this will show the whole WP Safety deal. As screenshots.

This is based on TWO individuals in TIME.  Since I have pix, will be easy.  TX plan = CORRECTIVE emotional experience via FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES, using WP BLOGS.  Okay so, lets go back to the EMO HEART AGAIN and look at it, for a mo.

I found a link to something I had written in 2011, on this.  It is just fab to me to see it jell now.  I mean the research and the TX plan come together in a clear fashion!

Okay, let’s watch this.

So I am going to use the GENOGRAM here to explain cultural surround.  TREATMENT will UNDO these feelings by using concept from Object Realtions by using MIRRORING across blogs.  That I did this?  I mean this is LIKE HUGE!  I have invented a TX PLANNER!  I mean?  Talk about LIFE’s WORK!  Which is what I got from the Sushi Master vid had up.  The ART of an era = THE FEELINGS.  As EXPRESSED IN SONG, ART, DANCE, FILM and so forth.  A PARADOX in therapy is kind of a magic trick?  As we listen to the lyrics in the above what are we seeing?  THE SAME THING WE SEE IN THE EMO HEART DRAWINGS!


Thank you! (For WordPress, like you cannot even believe)

Stay with me.  Listen to lyrics a bit.  We are going to explore era.  What gave me this idea, was seeing a film come out.  THE FEAR engendered by a few things, and the isolation of these kids, in all that DARK?  THE WORDPRESS BLOG in this TX PLANNER will FUNCTION LIKE THIS!



Back in a sec.  YAY! ❤

*PUTTING THIS HERE, this is the HEART of THIS GEN “Crying Out” (as seen in the art, which is SHOWING FEELINGS)

Let’s think about the news stories we are seeing?  Pair those with the images and “feelings” you are hearing about in this song. and you guys.  It’s going to be hard to look at this but.  Bear with me.  THE ALCHEMY PROJECT will be CURING what you have just seen.  The words need a place to COME OUT.  IN A SAFE PLACE WHERE THERE ARE FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES.

TWO FRIENDS CAN BE MADE in a DYAD.  Bear with me I know it is so hard to look at stuff like this.  Just trust me, what I am building… MIRACLE LEVEL INTERVENTION and I could not have done this without WordPress.  You just have no idea.  Omg.  The gratitude I feel for you guys.  Whew.  Okay bear with me, thinking too hard.  Has more coffee.  Has a cig.  Back at it.  And please don’t mind if I borrow your pix?  Will be using mine as a mirror to show OBJECT CONSTANCY in a DYAD (as a treatment model)


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