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I’m really proud of this project!

Let me play Matt & WordPress a song:

Because I am going to use a few pix now along this genogram, while exploring the SAFETY “automattically” built in to the blogs for a treatment planner of this magnitude.

It’s going to be really easy, because of the incredible tools we have at hand, and the safety!  Let me just reflect some of that back to you now.

We had looked at a genogram as a way to express TIME.  But we can also use it to express CULTURAL SURROUND.  By creating a PLACE (IN A WORDPRESS BLOG) for a person’s HEART to MEET another person’s HEART.

ANY of these images is a starting point?

Let’s choose one, and try an experiment, using our tools!

This image is saying “I CAN SEE AND HEAR”  note what is symbolically important.  The “EYE” and the HEADPHONES.

The intervention for the person who CAN SEE and CAN HEAR can be made through: MUSIC and IMAGE.

If we go back to that Jungian chart I showed, this person depicted ABOVE is a FEELER with inverted thinking.  This is the opposite of a THINKING TYPE.  FEELING IS THE TOP FUNCTION.

Let’s watch this:

A FEELER can SEE and HEAR what was wrong in the video ABOVE!

Bless all the thinkers and feelers of this world.

A FEELER made this video.

As you watch it?  You may “FEEL” the same thing I am “FEELING” just notice what the sensation you are having is.

THIS IS SOMETHING FEELERS DO!  (Feeling is the TOP function)

Here is a simple diagram of how all those functions work along the MEYERS BRIGGS.

FOR THINKING AND FEELING TYPES, let me give you in a dialogue piece how they differ, and work together as well.

Two people come across a wounded dog in a forest.  The feeler will rush forward to the dog fearlessly and start petting it (KNOWING it is IN PAIN).  The feeler will not be THINKING that they might get HURT?  They react on FEELINGS FIRST.

The THINKER will be observing the situation.  He might worry about the FEELER, but he is THINKING of A PLAN.

The THINKER’s COGNITION kicks in.  They are already planning what to do (BRAIN ALWAYS WORKING OVERTIME).  They will know how to get to the phone, make the calls, arrange to have the dog rescued, because “LOGOS” of “KNOWING” is their TOP FUNCTION.

The FEELER will look over at the THINKER and say, “What are we going to DO?”

Maybe the feeler has tears in their eyes and is shaking all over.  EMOTION is forefront.

The THINKER will maybe HUG them, knowing (THINKING) they need a HUG, but BRAIN is already working on SOLVING!

See that?

You know these people, in your own life.


Let’s pick another of the images.

This one:

Okay so, here we have a person who is a THINKER, maybe.  A THINKER can EXPRESS in WORDS and MUSIC or IMAGE?  This is also a COGNITIVE type with LANGUAGE.  Because of the RHYME.  COGNITION at work.

If I saw this in my consulting room?

Well, I know that this person is SCARED, their soul feels SICK.  The HEART is the prominent motif here.  It has many pinpricks and bandages going on.

If you PUT the FEELER together WITH A THINKER, on these WP tx planner blogs.

THROUGH the MIRROR of a FRIENDSHIP?  —- they can communicate across fields.  Because in the picture above the EYE can HEAR AND SEE the heart and what it is saying.

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