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So, thinking really hard, because,  events are like nothing we have ever seen of late.  The psychological types of  Jung’s were his theory.  There are zillions of theories that one chooses to unpack the bag of tricks we use to heal things.  Self Psychology = Self and Other.  What I want to do today is talk about the other two types, and then how they process.  But also cultural surround.  Some of the things we are seeing on the news are grave sociopathy.  I mean, like this.   Sardello posited back in 1984 that we would see a sociopathic soul arise.

Here is something I wrote up on that after another tragedy. 

I want to use the genogram timeline with visual aids.  So we can try and pin down what has gone wrong.   When I say wrong I mean “cognition” and “empathy” — two things you will not find in a sociopath.  Because you do not break spines.  Not like that.  It’s possible that the levels of violence are related to flawed “development” so let’s pin it down. This is part of what the treatment planner is.   It’s useful for many, many kinds of things.  I see it like a tablet, myself.  Free form?  So it can get to the web?  It’s like WP in that the way it operates is like what I said yesterday?  But it might not RUN on things that are manufactured by companies now, unless they are friends of Matt’s.  I hope that makes sense!

Okay so concept of blog as tabula rasa, “blank slate.”

It’s kind of like “starting over.”

Okay so we did genogram years 1915————————————–2015 to look at TIME, but let’s look at “how” people lived in TIME as cultural surround to explore fragmentation.  So we can piece psyche back together where it is broken!  I hope that makes sense.

So in 1915,

So in 1950,

Okay so, if we fast forward to say the late 60’s, we are getting a warning from Kubrick, in this classic.  Little did we know we would arrive there in 2015.  So here is a clip.  So I want to start with Pac Man in the mid 70’s, as precursor for the games.  Also it isn’t until about the early 80’s we start to get so many channels on TV.

I want to use myself as “object” — concrete and real, and also Matt, as object “concrete and real” via imagery to define TIME across the genogram.  Sorry to borrow images but?  Easier!  It’s just to use as placemarkers for birthdates and cultural surround.

Okay so, Kubrick was warning us.  About what might be coming but maybe we never saw it?

Tech peeps will really understand all this better than me.  Yay! ❤

Okay so this is 1968…

Okay so, using the genogram and imagery for entrance in to “world” of these things.





Okay so, there is this kind of “electronic” spine that is being developed but nobody knows about it out in the world of 1974.  Ten years before Matt will be born, the world that I live in in 11th grade doesn’t  have any computers.  In order to “see” that world we can look at TV shows that were on at the time, so here is a clip from one of them.  And boys are playing a very popular game in Video Arcades.  Those were like the place Elliot said he went but, probably way more innocent in the 70’s.

World in 1974: 

Television for us has like 13 channels at that time.  That was it.  “Cognitive” learning or experience in the “cultural surround” was learned by all, because ALL had access (pretty much) to the same things.  Empathy was learned by seeing TV shows that had “STORIES” — theatrical?  The writers did things that way.  So, Kubrick’s film is going to look so old fashioned compared to now and the special effects and so forth.

This clip shows what those games were like in the mid 70’s.  Kids would go hang out at those arcades?  When they weren’t skateboarding or doing BMX on their bikes.

Okay so inserts this just for research purposes — just watch it is to show differences.  Across time!

So this is 1984.  The year that Matt is born.

Here is NOW —

Okay so in the above a statement was made “I can’t be with kids my own age.”

So, back to theory.

In 1974 — “kids” were just “kids.”

There wasn’t any fear?  Of germs, there wasn’t homeschooling, kids all “learned” through each other at SCHOOL?

In a way you could say that “experiences” in the WORLD of OUTSIDE = “nature”  through physical games (sports) and so forth, (going to movies together on weekends)  that sort of thing.  This is how the WORLD LIVED.  This is beginning to change them in 1984, the year that Matt is born.  So back to Jung’s THINKING TYPE.  The THINKING type to be like the kid above is almost in the clouds with the brain?  Matt has that.  At the same time?  When we look at what he has developed?  It is a very simplistic puzzle.  When you look at his drawing skills on the “machine” — they are like a two year olds.

Okay so?

This is really important because biological as well.

THINKING = ———————————————————> “MALE LOGOS” = Cognition

FEELING = ———————————————————–> “FEMALE LOGOS” = Cognition

Let’s just put aside any gender arguments for now?  I will be talking about those later.

This logos can be expressed as the same thing as a computer code.

0000001111100001111110000001111110000000011111 ——–?

(inserts this for my own info here because tech people already know all this and I don’t!) (don’t laugh!)

MALE LOGOS (thought) works in a linear fashion.  This can be expressed by —————————>

FEMALE LOGOS is “circular” ——————————————————— O

The THINKING PATTERNS are as old as time.  If we go back to say the hunter gatherers?  This is very simplified but — MALE LOGOS — “TRIBE NEEDS FOOD” ————–> where is hunting spot? ———–> move tribe ———->all eat.

FEMALE LOGOS = Circular logic.  “Feeling function” Jungian.  Circular logic looks like: —– TRIBE NEEDS TO EAT.  (notices starvation) —- TRIBE WILL FEEL better if FOOD ——— WHERE IS BEST THINKER? ——- (who knows how to get the food) — moves tribe to where best thinker is.  Feeling types get FEELINGS ABOUT THINGS.

So these two types are very dissimilar.  VERY.


Okay so that was BRIEF above.  EXTROVERSION IS A GREAT,  GREAT THING! (Man of the people)  Both are thinking and thinking, introverted thinker?  Has “feeling function” as completely cut off.  I mean, can’t feel.  So why is this a potential prob in this era?

As the whole world went online, and we see the level of arguments, or broken spines like the other day.  It is possible that wee have created “introverted thinking as detached from human reality” in the era we are in.

Okay so… introverted thinking has NO FEELINGS in some types.  Yesterday we looked at this:

An introverted THINKING type, might have starved the dog.  Or broken the spine.  Matt.  This might have increased since 1984.  Okay so, you are like so HUGE.  Just know that your THINKING MIND as EXTRAVERTED THINKING?  PLUS YOUR HEART? “Giving” “Generous” WP across the world.  THIS IS TOP TIER GOODNESS IN A HUMAN BEING.

MATT.  This is an example of sociopathy, whoever did this to the dog.

Matt. Now I am really crying.  So.  Matt.  There is NO COGNITION in the people that did this.  I’m sorry to make you cry.

Some of these pictures will show a lack of cognition.  You know when we see news stories about a parent leaving a child in a hot car at a mall, like last year?  Or a dog?  There is NO COGNITION OR EMPATHY going on.  In other words?  No concept of doing the WRONG THING.






(Ocean Pollution)

The Year 1984.

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