THE ALCHEMY PROJECT — Jung, typologies, cognition, intervention “logos”

Okay so in layman’s terms, totally.

The other two types are INTUITION and SENSATION.

This is important because THINKING and INTUITION are the two highest of the whole deal.  I am, EXTROVERTED INTUITIVE.


Feeling and Sensate types are “Simpler” — when it comes to cognition.


INTUITIVE comes next.

Intuitive is able to “take in the field” — meaning “SENSE” what might be wrong.  (Hence this project).

This could be possible for YOU. (Brilliance) (Visionary)

This one is ME.


Oh well.

Umm, we have NEVER SEEN things going on like right now.  Not kidding.  So it’s very scary to read the news.  One of the problems is that well.  What you would be getting with these?  Is NO COGNITION OF REALITY of HUMANS.  (Not kidding)

It would be like a giant video game in the sky?

Having this convo because…. ? Omg.

Okay so.

There is the gen depicted above?

And then there is the news of the real world.

So along a timeline…. we are no longer all tuned to the same channels, or “cognitions”

There is also this:

It’s really nice to know the highest thinkers. ❤  Because they are so smart, it’s just fab.

I think Jobs was like that.  Once.

Different era.  Our era deals with the repercussions of many things.  Pollution in the sea from all the waste.  Many broken things.  But all of this can be solved through ECOPSYCHOLOGY.  (Nature based healthy plan)

Art & Narrative.

Heroic Avatar! (made as art).

Thanks for coming by.  I really mean that.

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