THE ALCHEMY PROJECT — Cognition, emotion, mirror transference, Archetypal Psychology #DepthPsychology

Okay so, back on Alchemy Project after looking at CloudUp again over in FB and leaving a comment there about Michael Jackson.  This is a really good product.  I was watching the film of the kids jumping in the pool?

This video!

See how it opens on that little iPad deal?  That is the sort of product I was thinking of, for this treatment planner.  Except, what would really set it apart is if it could be made of biodegradeable materials?  Like no plastic.  It probably isn’t cost effective to do that but it would be an incredible selling point.  So I am going to go back and show you object constancy in the web, and I have to borrow a few pix, so I am going to use for that, hope that is okay.  It’s to show reality based cognition!  Only!

So, also to illustrate his generation in terms of when they entered the electronic universe and how that differs from the simple pong games of the 70’s for kids.

The lead story today is on glasses that allow one to interpret human emotion.  By guess who?

A few years ago as I was designing this, I saw a vid in youtube where the kids were all wearing masks that had emoticon drawings for faces?  Well they are having problems is my guess.  Studies have been done where they cannot tell human emotions when they see them.  So are we in robot world now?  Or are we just in a world that has substituted things like this for human interaction?

The ALCHEMY PROJECT creates a MYTHOS for HUMANS.  Not HUMANS becoming meshed with an electronic spine like this.

Really not sure what this is?

But it isn’t LIFE?


Okay so we established a dateline using a genogram in that the TECH is being developed behind the scenes and makes it’s entrance in 1974.

Fast forward to a birthdate in 1984.

So child enters world, (borrows picture!)

1984 (human) ———————————————————> 2015

Mythos going on here is Wild West.  Like most little boys.  So at this date for kids in 1984 what are the games and the cultural surround, because we are going to be looking at those for the generations under his age bracket.

The mythos created in the advanced computer games (or electronic spine) is anti-human and is resulting in kids like the Elliot Roger case.    ZERO reality testing.

So these games are played out “not” as of the earth and hours are spent on them is my assumption.

It is very possible that the diagnosis of ADHD arises as the games speed up?  So by 1995 we are seeing the target-marketed drug Concerta being used on boys.

The ramifications for this are almost impossible to comprehend.  That this has happened.  One thing about this high level disconnect from “EARTH” is that?  If there is no REALITY TESTING?  If there is NO COGNITION of what is actually human?  Or even animal? No wonder the planet is dying.  The seas choked off and filled with plastic.  The inner mythological worlds are a fantasy space created by the games, or being inside an animation.  No connection to real world of LIFE.

Reversing that is  going to take an intervention of effing MASSIVE proportions.  But there is a way.

Going to look at what he was looking at in these.  

So this is really creepy because HERE at my alma mater, but?  How many millions of others are in this same camp?  

They reference this movie as one he saw?  Not familiar with it but here are the themes….

So you can look at that and see that it is not a REALITY based movie at all.

Treatment plan for this would be to compare and contrast with earlier style of films after assessing for cognition?

Watching a breakdown of the plot, because screenwriter making some kind of point?

Films are a reflection of what is going on in the collective psyche?  So this one above?  Has fragmented reality testing.  Almost delusional in terms of the landscape the character is in?  Themes could tandem what they are doing in those virtual reality video games.

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