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So looking into the case of the tragic plane crash for academic research to place along genogram.  He was 27.  Examples of not having cognition in regards to EMPATHY for other passengers?  We would need to see that fracture and when.

Looking at his youtube stream of things provides a glimpse into the mythology but a couple of things are very striking.

From the wikipedia, assessing for birthdate and cognition along a genogram:

Andreas Günter Lubitz[75] (born 18 December 1987) grew up in Neuburg an der Donau, Bavaria[76] and Montabaur in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate,[77] in a middle-class family. He took flying lessons at Luftsportclub Westerwald, an aviation sports club in Montabaur.[78]

Lubitz was accepted into a Lufthansa trainee program after high school. Starting in 2008, he received pilot training at the Lufthansa Flight Training school in Bremen, Germany,[78] and at the Lufthansa Airline Training Center in Goodyear, Arizona, United States.[79][80] Lubitz took time off from his flight training for several months and informed the Flight Training Pilot School in 2009 of a “previous episode” of severe depression.[81][82][83][84] He later completed the training, and worked as a flight attendant at the airline during an eleven-month waiting period.

Prior to his training as a commercial pilot, he was treated for suicidal tendencies.[85][86] Lubitz had been temporarily denied a U.S. pilot’s license because he had been treated for depression.[87]

According to Global Reasearch

As the Straits Times now reports:

Investigators made the discovery in a search of the home of Andreas Lubitz in the western city of Duesseldorf and seized a number “of medicines for the treatment of psychological illness”, Welt am Sonntag weekly said.

“The 27-year-old has been treated by several neurologists and psychiatrists,” it quoted an unidentified high-ranking investigator as saying, in excerpts released ahead of Sunday’s edition…

The same story goes on to report:

On Friday they said searches of his homes netted “medical documents that suggest an existing illness and appropriate medical treatment”…

In today’s global system of pharma-dominated health care, so-called “appropriate medical treatments” for depression consist almost entirely of mind-altering medications which have been repeatedly linked to mass school shootings.

“The police found antidepressants during a search of his apartment here on Thursday,” reports The New York Times, further confirming that the SSRI drug link to Lubitz.

Reuters story also explains, “German newspaper Welt am Sonntag quoted a senior investigator as saying the 27-year-old “was treated by several neurologists and psychiatrists”, adding that a number of medications had been found in his Duesseldorf apartment.”

18 months of psychiatric “treatment” on medications, but still allowed to fly

According to the Daily Mail, Lubitz “…reportedly received a year and half of psychiatric treatment and was at one point recommended to be examined by a doctor before flying.”

As I noted in a previous Natural News article, SSRI drugs are considered so dangerous by the FAA that U.S. pilots are not allowed to fly commercial or private airplanes if they are currently taking antidepressant medications. (The FAA knows SSRI drugs can make pilots suicidal.)

In the interest of narrowing to genogram to a timeframe and reportage of two of the drugs, this was a depressive episode.


Using the GENOGRAM we can establish dates and events along a timeline for this tragedy in the hopes of preventing another one.


We know that the boy was a pilot with dreams of flying from a very young age.

In this genogram we can insert a distinct event that he has referenced in his youtube stream.

Like any boy he has dreams of what he wants to be?  All humans do.  Outer Space seems to be a theme on the genogram and he played those games?  He has left proofs behind of what he liked.

When we establish EVENTS taking place we include world events that have an affect.

In his case, we have a birthdate of 1987 — so he is 15 years old at the time of 9/11.  Of course he is following all news on planes at that time because this is his love.  The idea of being a pilot.

This can be expressed as:

1987- (his birth) ———————————————————————–>2015

In some posts back I had looked at children’s art for this period, in a post here.  I’ll have to find it, but in the meantime,  we can look quickly at this art.

Even though the event itself is restricted to here, the EFFECT of the event on global psyche was tremendous.  We can see that in the art.  My search was this screenshot.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.53.53 AM

So, if we imagine our way back into the story of this boy, he wants to be a pilot, then, the above happens.  The above date of 9/11 has affected the global psyche of the world, but, we have just witnessed a tragic thing in this crash.  This will not be a lone event, we can be sure.  Because across the face of the world how many others were similarly affected.

So the boy grows up into a man and studies flying.

But let’s look at the YOUTUBES.  There is one in particular, that I saw.

This is a snapshot of the motif for a song he liked which matches much of the emo heart imagery I have seen.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.06.14 AM

In the art of the emos we often see that motif as well.

Henceforth we will call EMO “EMOTIONS”

In Jungian Psychology as a TYPE from his TYPOLOGIES theories we are seeing in the ART,  the FEELING FUNCTION

The stylized image is expressed many times.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.15.39 AMScreen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.16.37 AM

The feeling function is showing a drive to THANATOS (or Freud’s Death Drive) vs EROS (or LIFE DRIVE)


I want to show you the images I saw in the youtube stream above, because important!

And then begin to talk about interventions!  And how those can be accomplished really safely and in FAB WAYS because of WORDPRESS AND CLOUDUP! Using ART AND NARRATIVE TECHNIQUES.

So we USE CULTURAL SURROUND when figuring out things along a genogram.

What are WORLD EVENTS, What is MUSIC, What are films and so forth.

For him at age 15, there was a world event.  He is a teen boy dreaming of being a pilot.

Let’s look at a couple of the youtubes on his stream.  Not that we can undo this very sad and tragic event.   He is treated for depression and given many different drugs according to the news stories above.  Let’s look at his cognition,  via  a couple vids he liked.   But then I want to write up something about CloudUp and how it can be used so fably.  TO HEAL!

Like many, this boy turns 10 (age of video games) in 1997.  Did he spend hours dreaming and playing the games?  We will never know.  But let’s look at what he “showed” us after the fact.

This one!  Because of the themes in it.

What we are seeing in the video above?  Is an exact image of what that terrible day in 2001 did in the global psyche?  Because the elements of the design show that day, especially in the buildings.

If you read the event as a mythos along this genogram timeline you can see how important that was as a backdrop to this psyche of the boy.  These things function a Jungian unc, archetypes.  For us they are totally valuable!  You have to look at the film a few times to see the core anxiety.

There is another video, that he liked.  The music is kind of dark trance style?  So we can know that this is ALSO present.  (No lyrics, per se.)

All of these things just ESTABLISH a mythos?


I think it was in CloudUp when I signed up for it that I saw?  “Are you from Earth or another planet.”  Maybe it was Jetpack?  Can’t remember!  Anyway, in this case — OUTER SPACE IS HUGE!  So there is where you can begin to help people who feel powerless (as little purple “eyes” who are all the same) INDIVIDUATE and get a healthier core self.  In other words, using art and narrative will do that!  Let me get the vid!

Listen!  He liked this.  Is theme of HERO, in here.  We have to ask, there was a depression and he was treated with so many things.  Did those help contribute to the actions?

In this?

He is showing us his “HERO”

*note… it is interesting in the above vid that the music was also used in the film American Beauty, I think

that came out in late 90’s.  He probablysaw the film and identified with the teen boy in that too.

When talking about using ART and NARRATIVE for Depth Psychology all of these things are important.


*Note to MA.TT.  We can do this.  We can get Research funding.  From somebody.  Because we HAVE TO!

from Adrienne

next up how an astronaut might enter THE ALCHEMY PROJECT, via imagery.

We can make a test using your fab tools, of the model, to present for funding — maybe Stanford?



This is the biggest most fine treatment plan in the world.

And you built the things that can make it.

You just have no idea.

Well, okay onwards….

going to show you CloudUp part? plus a mirror transference deal….

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