Now at M. xxoo!

Adrienne D. Wilson

Testing! ❤

Liking M,  read a great article on Ocean Plastic as MESS this morn.  Now I have a presence there as well.

Liking something called Periscope very much!

So wishing I was TECH savvier but, by not being so?

Has diff view!

Depth Psychology view into mass problems.



(and you thought you were just reading Literary Erotica out of me, but noooooooooooo!)


The good thing is?  I am not tech savvy and I will NEVER ABANDON WordPress, like NOT EVER.

<3! This project I am working out is going to be for here.  The ONLY place in the WEB, as far as I am concerned. Trying to figure out how to put the M code on here? Off to the side where my books are.  Also, am going to buy my WP domain as nom de plume, but also needs myself as scholar, so it is the intermesh of two very different worlds. Onwards —————->


from Adrienne

This is who I think is the smartest guy in the web.

It is very possible that because “Code Is Poetry” he might just save the world?

Also he has a great face!

Being the second generation of TECH people.

They are just BETTER!

So, code is poetry in an era of lost languages, no metaphors, and perpetual smiley faces.

Lost language in an era of universal “awesome” as some kind of brand stamp.


Think of that as THE ALCHEMY PROJECT.

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