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So, I am looking at some incredible youtube videos to get a sense of the inner world going on for kids right now.  We have all heard about the suicides on the news, just tragic as related to bullying.  Well, what I want to look at ACROSS TIME using the genograms I am developing for the project — we are going to be looking at several different things.

Building a HEROIC AVATAR.  What does this mean?

What we are going to be doing is building STRENGTH in HUMANS by using ART & NARRATIVE THERAPY techniques, as well as creating FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES.

We are going to need some very big funding for the project, probably from UNIVERSITY sources.  Very big funding.  Because we are looking into what the electronic spine of technology has created.  Not too pretty and on some levels quite tragic.  Let’s look at a few videos again while I develop the plan further.

The initial developers of the spine can be seen here.  NOT taking any funding from the one who is still alive.  The ethics are quite questionable.  I can show you something on all that.  We seem to be seeing core ethics violations all over the place from that part of the Baby Boom as we read the news daily.

So we had looked at the concept of GENOGRAMS as a way to “hold” TIME in different eras.  But now we are also going to explore what that means and meant in terms of creating a MYTHOS for individuals.



1974 ————————————————————> 2015

1984 ————————————————————> 2015

1994 ————————————————————> 2015

2004 ————————————————————> 2015

2014 ————————————————————> 2015

These are discrete 10 year increments, along the concept.  What we are going to look at today is partially a method to contain and treat, but also we will be exploring various REALITIES as cognition.  By looking at a few films.

THE ALCHEMY PROJECT will be USING the WEB as Jung might have had he been alive in this era.  But he isn’t, so this is a tool we have available to us in the NOW.

This is an interesting reference for the NOW.  An excerpt:

What is this paradigm shift? It goes by the name of cognitive-behaviourism. Where does it come from? From the United States. Until the nineteen-sixties, behavioural psychology had enjoyed a certain prestige in the US. It was later disqualified by the objections from the linguist Noam Chomsky who held that no learning procedure could ever account for linguistic ability. This ability was surely innate, Chomsky argued, and so he set about hunting out the organ of language. Behaviour had to be complemented by a machine for taking cognisance, a machine that was innate and which conformed to the post-Chomskyan model. It took the discipline some thirty years to deck itself out in new clothes. The advances in biology, in neurology, and in the nebula that resulted from them under the ‘neuroscience’ label, oversaw this change. Under the name of behavioural-cognitivism, a new reduction of human experience to learning has emerged.

Based on the psychoanalysis of Lacanian orientation, this book upholds an opposing thesis. The unconscious does not fall into the “learning” category. It is what is missing from or surplus to any possible learning process. It a mode of thought that is free from both learning and consciousness, and this is what is at once odd and scandalous about it.

Well, we seem to be at a quite big fat troublesome point right now.  After having seen what I have just been looking at.  However, I AM THE Classically trained Depth Psychologist to take it on.  Can you even imagine what the machine has done to create an Orwellian nightmare?  I can.  Language WIPED CLEAN off the slate.  Reduced to a series of what was it?  Ten yellow smiley faces we just saw yesterday?  As one who has built this GROUNDBREAKING TREATMENT PLAN here in WordPress, the accolades from this will be so immense that bouquets of flowers will be hurled, not just at WordPress, but at me.

Only people with the highest core ethics are going to be involved in this as we start to restore ORDER from chaos.

The concept of a genogram, as I said works in two different ways to take a pulse on things.  We can look at a HUMAN BEING as expressed as a (human heart) along a genogram in time.

Right now we are using the timelines above to trace a few core problems in the tribe of humans.  So we are going to look at what was LEARNED by teenagers in the various eras depicted above and cross reference that as intervention into the now, where needed on this plan.  Going back to the videos from yesterday as example of teen experience TODAY.

Let’s ask what is different across ERAS of information and how that has been and is being processed.

Using the date 1974,  (as example of teen life back then) and a video from this era that depicts teen life now, let’s watch to see the differences.

Just watch and take in.

So as we begin to think of the sorts of mass interventions we might make in terms of building a HEROIC AVATAR and SAFE SPACE HERE inside WordPress, the reason why I have chosen WP is because of SAFETY of the model.

In other words, BLOG as SAFE SPACE for a teen!

HEROIC AVATAR can be done using tools like CloudUp, but blog as SAFE, because in control of the person using it.  I want to talk more about the important concept of mirroring as well.

Let me tell you a little story of 1974 with some visual aids of that TIME, about what happened once, and being bullied in Junior High.

I think it might have been 9th grade when I experienced a bullying episode at school.  At the time it was the Protest era, and so you had a lot of inter-racial bullying going on?  But YOU WOULD NOT HAVE SEEN THE EXTREME VIOLENCE DEPICTED IN THE VIDEO ABOVE!

So, I was an arty outsider type of girl in that era.  I cut classes I didn’t feel like going to?  And many times could be found on the lower field of the school drawing and writing poems with the other rebels.  I will give you some footage of that.  (REAL FOOTAGE).  We were late to class?  Many times.  And so once I found myself alone in the corridor in a dress I had designed and sewn, when a swarm of six black chicks approached me.  I was headed to my English class and it was just outside the door, when Toni, the meanest girl in school (and known for being a huge bully) told me that the bow on my dress was undone.  I reached back, felt that it wasn’t, and told her so.

“Yes it is,” she said.

“Let me do it for you.”

I was very frightened, and sort of pinioned by her little gang.  So I turned around feeling like I could placate her?

She grabbed the bow, and ripped the entire back of my dress wide open.  I ended up tying my sweater around my waist and hitchhiking home, which is what we did in those days.

I did not tell anyone about what happened except my best friend.  Both of us knew about Toni.  After that?  We tended to walk together in “two’s” on the campus.  It was a hellish time to be a teen, but not as bad as this one.

So let me get you some footage of that era.

I knew the boy in the video above.  So you are looking at teens and their parents, from my era.

Now, after that one EPISODE of being bullied?  I was NEVER bullied again.  Until the corporate world, but that is another story.  My generation was all reading and seeing the same sorts of things.  Our friends came from all RACES.  We did not have problems that way where I lived at the time.  Toni was an example of a MEAN GIRL.  (Insert Slenderman concept here) We did NOT have that kind of thing going on at ALL.

So here is where we begin to open up CURE, right now. xxoo!

So, as you watched the second video, that is live footage from the era when I was a teen.  Kids had only a few outside sources for stimuli.  The web did not EXIST.

To entertain ourselves we had TELEPHONES, TELEVISIONS, BOOKS, MAGAZINES, and MOVIES.  We had FRIENDS who had PARTIES.  We had MUSIC in the form of RECORDS that we listened to.  Television of the time had only 13 CHANNELS.  Part of the ALCHEMY PROJECT will be to look into WHAT THE ELECTRONIC SPINE has created across generations.  So, being a TEEN in 1974 as you see above?  Is potentially VERY DIFFERENT from being a TEEN in 2015.

There were no psychotropic drugs being dispensed at levels we are seeing today.

We will be talking about that, extensively as we look at realism and develop this treatment planner.


from Adrienne

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