THE ALCHEMY PROJECT – Cognition, Logos, Emotion, Emoticons, *reduced expression, *semantics, *language

So, yesterday we took a “slice” of TIME and looked at two teens.  One in 1974, and one in 2015.  What we are seeing is this incredible violence in kids.  Not all kids, but some.  And a VERY SOCIOPATHIC violence at that.

When I say that the machine has potentially created this, because of the games played?  I want to look at that across eras and see HOW THAT HAPPENED.

On the totally positive side of THE ALCHEMY PROJECT we are going to be able to CREATE SAFETY because of machine and WP blogs for these kids who feel so isolated.  It’s very positive and going to be great.  I really mean that. I want to talk about safety as a mirroring transference a bit today.  So I set up what a mirror might look like a few pages back and I put a few images into CloudUp.

A kid entering THE SAFETY of this project?  Does not have to represent themselves with a REAL PICTURE!  If they don’t want to.  (BECAUSE OF BULLYING) but we are going to BUILD a SAFE PLACE so they can express FEELINGS and FIND FRIENDS so that we never see a video like the one we saw yesterday.  Okay so, a mirror transference can be a very positive thing.

First let’s look at the world these kids are in, with the emoji’s that have replaced language.

I decided, after trying being a therapist, that I didn’t want to have to sit with the world’s problems.  So I stopped, but you can’t really take the therapist’s hat off, in fact they told us at my alma mater that we had probably “always” been the therapist in the family, from that first weekend at school.  I think if I look back across my life at various careers I have had?  Maybe I have been a problem solver?  Well solving this problem is going to be the biggest thing I have ever done.  Not kidding.  So, looking at the Zen sushi master video at’s place was not only calming but also?  Made me think?  Well?  What will be said of you, Adrienne, upon your death.  Now the only reason why I am thinking of that?  Is because it matters to me that I was known for having done something good for this world.  Not that I am dying, quite yet.  But the sushi master made me really pause and reflect for a long time.  And then it sparked off this flood of writing up this treatment planner.  In my generation people did lots of things for work?  Many of us have not wanted to do the same thing over and over again.

I became a writer out of all of it, I think.    Anyway.  My first children’s book — called HEART OF CLOUDS, was written strictly for this generation of kids who are on the phone and texting selfies to each other.  I had read some studies about how they spend more time on their phones than in actual dialogue.  So as a therapist, I TAUGHT THEM HOW TO HAVE A CONVERSATION in real life.  They might now know how?  Because of the machine.  You can see that here at this search.

Not to plug it, but at my writer’s Conference here in town, and because I am no longer in Academia propre, oh well.  I can tell WordPress though, for sure! xxoo!



Art & Narrative Therapy looks at THEIR ART! So by looking at their little films and art we are getting a sense of the inner world.

Tucking in a little quick read on Cognition in adolescents from Stanford here, before we go on to a film or two.

In layman’s terms,  (Piaget theory) of child development… a kid has up to age nine (period of magical thinking) this period is where a kid forms “empathy” — so what we are going to look at along these discrete timelines is what happened up to age nine.  After that?  The rational mind kicks on at about age ten.  Then?  It’s just facts and logic.  What we are looking for?  Is if there have been BREAKS in the cognition due to several factors.  #1 Electronic spine (pre-scripted games) and #2 psychotropic drugs.

So, let’s look at this super-positive vid made by Girl Scouts! Watch the interactions:

Now, that could have been a scene in the girl’s bathroom from when I was 13 too?  But!  The difference is WE DID NOT HAVE THE TECH DEVICE.  Observe how they are using it in this one.  How they check in with it.  In the IDEA behind the ALCHEMY PROJECT OF A CREATIVE BLOG here?  THAT WILL BE A PLACE TO CHECK IN!  SAFE BLOG, SAFE CIRCLE, FRIENDSHIPS WITH LOTS OF KIDS GOING THROUGH SAME THINGS!

This includes the concept of a POSITIVE MIRROR TRANSFERENCE!

Okay so let’s look at this one and ask what we are seeing go on?

Here we are looking at a recent news story:

and another… These are being used as an overview as what it must be like for these kids?  I mean.  The horror, for all of them?  Not to mention the kids who are going off in class in the ways we have seen on the news.  THE ALCHEMY PROJECT IS SOMETHING that is going to HELP with this problem for ALL OF THESE KIDS.  Why?  IT GIVES THEM A SAFE AVATAR BASED PLACE TO INTERACT!  THIS IS CORE!  TO THE ALCHEMY PROJECT! (REALITY BASED HUMAN HEROIC AVATAR MODEL) ❤

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