THE ALCHEMY PROJECT — Cognition, semantics and a fab film on new corporate

This fell out of the blue yesterday.  Talk about hopeful!

Watching it again, because the new model of doing work makes so much more sense.  It has taken the younger set to break the old horrid cubicle maze of hell.  How fabulous that they have.

I almost feel like watching it again, based on what I came away with.

How these ideas relate to this project — the medical model.

It was amazing after 9/11 what happened in the agency where I worked.  All of a sudden we were told that all the clients had to sign papers from this thing called HIPPA.  Therapy,  which has “case notes” — those are like doctor’s notes, and you keep those in files.  The paperwork was endless.  Grind after grind cranking it all out.  Clients didn’t like the rule.

Anyway, this new method of working is so clean and beautiful.  It can actually accomplish great, great things, for those who are suffering.  I just love that I have designed it,  and I feel very engaged again.  With doing work of value in the world.  And the model is clean and paperless.  It’s also totally safe because it is here in WordPress.  For anyone who needed it.

The medical model in America is broken.

What I have invented is going to be worth millions.  Not just to schools, but to therapists themselves.  It can be used with any population.  And?  I’m not going to worry about the mechanics of all of that.  All I have to concentrate on is the treatment plan.  The film showed me that.  The film was about how a group of people can work for the good, and the best, because of how technology is now.

Going to watch it again, for the inspiration!


Looking at the little films of what the kids are suffering.  So difficult to see.  But this model is like a gift.

To the world.

I’m sick of all the broken American things.  Because I am an American.

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