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Before we watch this little film, I want you to understand the POWER of good that THE ALCHEMY PROJECT is going to do.   It is going to give voice to the millions of kids who are suffering things like this.

Today we will be talking about WHY a Heroic Avatar is important.  The transparency of WordPress as a safe container, and the GOOD that will come of this project across the world.  It’s that big.

Also I want to show you about OBJECT CONSTANCY.

Now that I stopped crying after watching this?

I feel great.  Because I am inventing the best treatment plan in the world, in the best place to do that.

Try not to cry.

I knew I had to work “larger” than just one on one.  The scope of the problems is just too big.  I decided I would tackle the problems by using film as a medium as adjunct in my practice.  The medical model is so broken in America, it’s hopeless.  Just hopeless.  What the ALCHEMY PROJECT IS GOING TO DO?

Is give HOPE to these kids.

Okay watch.  Try not to cry.



1.  SAFETY OF WORDPRESS AS CONTAINER for psyche (of a client, child and so on)

2.  Anonymous ABILITY TO create representation for the SELF (as HEROIC AVATAR)


4.  DIAGNOSTIC TOOL (for therapists, clinicians to assess and treat)


6.  CURE (as building ego strength from day one)

7.  DECENCY and ETHICS of the business model.


*Notes on abuse (the worst ever) above and concept from Family Systems Theory of psychology.  The family secret. We saw that.  In the film.  You can also see that he was painting, (VENT THROUGH ART) which is something we will be using for the project.  He also had a phone!

So, as we looked at the videos of the girls fighting the other day, and what the girl did in her room with the cutting and swallowing the pills… kids ARE NOT going to talk to their parents about these things?  (Family Secret) THEY WILL TALK TO EACH OTHER!  Which is why the Alchemy Project is the best treatment container ever.  This from the wikipedia:

A family secret is a secret kept within a family. Most families have secrets, but the kind and importance vary. Family secrets can be shared by the whole family, by some family members or kept by an individual member of the family. The secret can relate to taboo topics, rule violations or just conventional secrets. Issues like homosexuality, adultery, divorce, mental health, crime, substance abuse, physical or psychological abuse, human sexual behavior, premarital pregnancy or cohabitation, alcoholism, or deviance. More simple secrets may be personality conflicts, death, religion, academic performance and physical health problems.[1] Any topic that a family member thinks may cause anxiety may become a family secret. Family members often see keeping the secrets as important to keeping the family working, but over time the secrets can increase the anxiety in the family.[2] The confidentiality of family secrets revealed by a patient is a common ethical dilemma for counselors and therapists.[1]

If you begin to think of the sheer scope of who it might help it boggles the mind.

So if you watch the film above again a few times, and just notice what the boy does with a HERO from comics, and what he says about getting all the bad guys, well there is a lot of bad.  Therapists hear about all of that.  In the case above and the bullied girl, these things are held as SECRETS.

THE ALCHEMY PROJECT provides the “VENT” in language and art for all of that.

So if we think about Jung’s concept of “the third thing” — the third thing is the space between.  Going back to the image of his typologies for a moment…

THE ALCHEMY PROJECT is GROUNDBREAKING in that it allows EACH of the types a mode of “free expression” — not all of them do this the same way?

When we think about potential lost cognition?  Due to all the smileys and the electronic spine?

THE ALCHEMY PROJECT USES LANGUAGE!  And art, and music.  Not only that it increases and engages the ability to make MYTHOS.

So who needs MYTHOS and why?

Let me give you a little background on that.  This is Joseph Campbell (whose archives are up at Pacifica)…

So this is a bit on the MIRROR, which I will be going into… “MYTH LETS YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE”

More on this!


All of that is quite esoteric,  however…

Important to DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY.   So, when we talk about making a VENT and a HEROIC AVATAR we are talking about the alleviation of suffering by providing a VENT, getting some mirroring (FRIEND), learning that we are NOT ALONE! (this is what breaks the terrible chains of a family secret!) like we saw in the film above.

You saw in that film, how one boy tried to help the other.


Because the HEROIC AVATAR CONCEPT is built on the foundation of the HUMAN HEART!



There have been many experts on the field in this.  One ting you do with a child in treatment is get down on the floor with them and watch them play.  They will usually “DRAW” out a problem.  For a therapist.  So the ideas you have seen here in my blog over time that have talked about clients?  Are based on this kind of treatment.

PLAY THERAPY comes directly from the unc. mind.  The mind uses symbols to talk about things that it might not feel safe about.  So in the video above we say the paintings the boy did.

Think of this concept of the HEROIC AVATAR as coming from that place.  (AS PLAY) that is safe in a blog.

When I talk about the medical model being broken I am talking about the kinds of things I witnessed as an intern in the years that i was building my own practice.  The agency where I worked looked at clients as “numbers” — they were getting funding from grants and they had to show progress.  By getting more “numbers.”  Well, people who come for therapy treatment are human beings not numbers.

I have never agreed with what the DSM is doing by expanding and treating with more and more drugs.  I just see it as wrong on so many levels.  Senator Grassley has been the one to look into the greedy ethics of psychiatrists getting kickbacks from big pharma.  Good for him.

When you have a teacher telling parents that the kid needs to be on meds?  You are seeing a HUGE problem.  HUGE.

What the ALCHEMY PROJECT does is REFORM a BROKEN TREATMENT MODEL in a way that is VERY SAFE.  AS WELL AS ETHICAL.  So let me explain Jung’s idea of the THIRD THING by showing you that vid on CloudUp we looked at yesterday and why this is THAT, that Jung spoke of.

Borrowing this image…

Jung’s concept of THE SPACE BETWEEN can be seen as the space between two HUMANS.  We can assume that the HUMANS making BLOGS within THE ALCHEMY PROJECT have a DEVICE that can get them to EACH OTHER through the WEB?


When Jung refers to that he means a scared space.

So in THE ALCHEMY PROJECT every blog is sacred.

THE MIRRORING CONCEPT comes in when somebody READS and SEES OR HEARS — a BLOG.

THE FRIENDSHIP comes in when TWO BLOGS speak back and forth.

To give you an idea of the SCOPE of this? (Medical Model)

Let’s say you have two kids suffering cancer.  And they are confined to a hospital bed.

How great woud it be if they had someone to TALK TO!

That is JUNG’s THIRD THING.  (The sacred part)…


I saw this today, it was just amazing.  It was also the sort of thing a kid could wear?

Amazing, actually.  The Cicret.  And I know very little about all these objects but this seemed fab.  Imagine if kids could keep in touch with this.  Wow, you know?

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