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So, yesterday I took a break and watched a really fab film I have been meaning to watch since it came out.  It has very discrete themes that are important to the culture of “online” in it.  So here is the trailer:

Such a fab film, he is one of my faves, but for the purpose of this project, what is important is the “isolation” that we see in it, when we look into a generation raised with the electronic spine.  As primary connecting device.

So this morning listening to an old classic Weezer and that is here:

So if we contrast these two, we are looking at disconnect from an embodied self as connected to earth.   I watched a charming little film yesterday, this one:

What I really liked in the one above, is that it shows the wish for the kind of dialogue we are talking about in terms of this project.  So we had looked at all the videos of the extreme bullying going on?  This above shows the remedy in a really fab way.  When you watch the film just notice what happens.  Think of the dialogue happening on the desk as a MIRROR TRANSFERENCE.  So imagine that as TWO (or more) blogs being able to “talk” to each other.   Jung’s third thing is what happens in the in-between of that dialogue.

So we had talked about image as AVATAR for HEROIC HUMAN AVATAR!  (but maybe just using art (symbolic) at first as “safety” for kids who may be lost in overmedication?)  We had looked at the pictures of the emo heart, so let’s get another.  Going to be talking about Body Dysmorphic a little today.

Giving some examples of that as well.

Body dysmorphic disorder (also known as BDD, body dysmorphia, dysmorphic syndrome, or dysmorphophobia), is a disorder that involves belief that one’s own appearance is unusually defective and is worthy of being hidden or fixed.[1] This belief manifests in thoughts that many times are pervasive and intrusive.

About half of those diagnosed with BDD spend over three hours a day attempting to conceal or correct flaws that are perceived but often not reality.[1][2] If the perceived flaw has any foundation in reality, it is typically minor, though severely exaggerated.[2] The distress that accompanies BDD can affect quality of life by impairing social, occupational, and academic functioning, and yielding social isolation, though it is important to note that this is not found in all cases.[2] Causal factors seem to be grounded in many different aspects including: genetic, developmental, personality, and social engagement.[2] BDD is relatively common, as it is found in about 1% to 2% of the population, and is generally thought to be equally prevalent in women and men.[2] That being said there are discrepancies about the prevalence in relation to sex. These discrepancies predominantly come from an inconsistent view of BDD by researchers who, before the creation of a standardized questionnaire, had trouble with its diagnosis.[1] BDD can occur in adults or in children, yet usually begins during adolescence where large amounts of change is happening within the body.[2][3] That being said the causes of BDD are not fully understood. There are many indicators that BDD may have strong link to social aspects, such as bullying and abuse at a young age.[3]

The social aspect of the manifestation of BDD is also seen when looking at the expectation of attractiveness that is prevalent in society.[1] It is also important to note that there are suggestions that genetics may be crucial to determining who is more susceptible to BDD.[3] Studies have shown that 8% of people with BDD have a close relative who have also had the disorder and about 7% of people with BDD have a close relative who had OCD.[3] That being said, BDD is in fact an obsessive-compulsive related disorder (OCRD).[2][4] Similarly, BDD and anxiety disorders, such as OCD, social phobia, and panic disorder have a 7% comorbidity rate.[5] This correlation is particularly exemplified when looking at the methods used to assist people to recover from BDD in comparison with methods used to assist people to recover from OCD, which very much parallel each other.[1] BDD also shares many treatment rituals with OCD as well as many symptoms.[1] Eating disorders as well share many similarities in symptoms, including a heightened sense of perfectionism and a particularly negative body image [6]

Besides the main version of BDD, the DSM-I also describes a delusional version of the disorder which can involve delusions of reference, whereby one believes, for instance, that passersby are pointing at the flaw.[1][2]

So I have a few examples of what that looks like here:

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.22.40 AM

and here:

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.23.14 AM

So, what we notice over in Twitter is how things “flock” together.  The Selfie culture is looking to show itself?  But also looking for a mirror in a kind of twinship that is now possible because of the devices the world uses to connect.  We can see outcomes of this over here on a search for emo thinspo.

So let me explain that in a simple film…

Now let’s watch this one and think of the ALCHEMY PROJECT as MIRRORING TRANSFERENCE.

So, we are looking at another population where, this project is going to be very useful.

What you heard above is where a NEGATIVE INTROJECT  “can go” into a child at age “three” — and become a part of a held belief system.  You can look back in this blog of mine at that by searching Object Relations… so these introjects are also a very negative part of the bullying videos we looked at over the last few days.  Think of positive ones as a “good feed” and negative ones as very toxic to the core self as it forms.  The online bullying for these kids is a mass inundation of negative introjects.

But let’s think of this again, in terms of the “online” aspect of the electronic spine as culture.

Let’s watch this:

So, let’s think now as HUMANS, what has happened along the genogram as a time frame, and the expansion of that across time.  In the above examples I am showing you something that would not have existed as en masse given earlier dates and representations of the self.  In the top film, one of the most striking things is the way people move through the hazy landscape connected only by their phones?

So we can imagine that this is the world for so many.

To go back again through the GENOGRAM DATES:

1974 ————————————————–2015





As we think of the spine, propre.  What happened is that HUMANS now stare into a VOID space?  But the VOID is filled with many, many things to project on.  What happens when that begins to look like this?

The fix for the above is ART AND NARRATIVE as reality based? Via those FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES I am talking about.  So when we talk about the concept of REALITY TESTING and the MIRROR (mirror as another human being) that = cure, not just one on one but also in groups.  Because what will happen is that a group challenges assumptions that are held?

What would be most profound is that eventually (and probably after all these friends are made — as EARTH based HUMAN avatars) is CURE on a very large scale.  So let’s look at a couple more vids now.

Watch themes in the above.  And listen to song choice plus the lyrics!  So this is basically cri de coeur for gens out on the lower rungs above, especially for gens maybe age 22 and under.

One thing we can know in an age of airbrushed photo-shopped image or “animations” as representing the human “SELF” is that these kids DO NOT HAVE A MIRRORING Self-Object.  It isn’t much different than the film at the top, actually.  So imagine the landscape as a series of disconnected devices that are floating in the sea of what Jung would have called the collective.

Let’s watch this, so you can see more of the SCOPE of the problem.

So, I guess I want you to THINK about how WONDERFUL THE ALCHEMY PROJECT is going to BE!

What it is going to give all these kids are FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES USING SAFE TREATMENT!

So what we are seeing in the above, is the USE OF ART! ❤


Last film for today… on Body Dysmorphic and how the web has amplified it.

In Depth Psychology what we know about this particular disorder is it is the last means of “control” — so this is how it starts as illustrated in this film:

What we have seen is the isolation, but, we have also seen the WEB and how that via “searches” is contributing.  So when you think of the mirror that you saw — what the ALCHEMY PROJECT IS GOING TO DO is build a very STRONG HUMAN MIRROR!

On the other side of the mirror.

That is what you call a mirroring transference.  Between two humans.

My writer’s Conference is in a few weeks now, will be taking this research there, along with that book I wrote Heart of Clouds.  In this generation you may not be able to reach them through “language” because they are an image-based generation.  So, film is the best kind of treatment plan.  I had decided it was far easier to write and cure depression in a book (as fiction) than to sit one on one for cure.  So, since I know all the things that go on behind the scenes as a therapist?  I can just write the characters (which many will see and know) as humanistic very deep books that I want to go to films.  I always promote WordPress when I am at SB Writer’s Conference.  Best place for a writer to be is right here!  Since I found it in 2008.

Thank you!

from Adrienne

MA Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute 1998

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