writers & the jitters…

I know that the Writer’s Conference is coming up so soon now, in June.

Taking stock of the two novels and all those short stories.  A friend of mine from the Conf  had Ray Bradbury up today over in FB.  I got to hear him speak right before he passed a few times at the Conference.

Anyway this was perfect today.

So, Bradbury from a long time ago.

He was part of the original conference and there are very funny stories about all that.

“All the really great stories are emotional experiences” — Ray Bradbury


The hard part is doing a reading.

Voice on the page is one thing.

Voice in front of a big audience is another.

Anyway jitters.

Last year I gave my book to my favorite screenwriting teacher.

Now I have to face that in a few weeks.

I mean like, what if he didn’t like it?


back to the page.

maybe crafting a little something is going to help.

or eating this fab toast with some cherry jam.

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