First love, and how you will never forget him…

So, gearing up for the writer’s conference in a few weeks now.  Thinking of my published short stories and the book I am taking this year.  Not my established genre per se.

I think because my Dad was out of my life so early and off making films that I missed all kinds of what might have been very fun high school type things.  I never dated, or did anything like prom night.

My mother was very protective of me,  but then, I was 19.

And I fell in love.

Mon Sturges

His father was very famous in Hollywood.  It’s hard on the kids if your dad is.

So I was remembering him this morning and how he felt.  The music that was ours at that time.  It was Jazz.  Sam The Man Taylor.

The web is funny because I can see him on film.  Strange how this has happened in my lifetime.

He was once in a film with Elvis, and today I saw him in a real B movie, from when he was very young.

So anyway,

He was 36 to my 19.

I have done a few short stories about that time.  One is here.  One is here.


It’s something you never really get over.

This is when he must have been really young, and it made me laugh a bit.  He was so young!

And it is such a B movie.

How strange to see him again.

He was so handsome.

I dunno.  Sometimes you just want to be in love again.

Sometimes you wonder if that is impossible.

The ones you really love you never forget.

They become stories.

This is from Mission Impossible.  Wow.  That’s him.  Four years before we were together.

How strange.

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