THE ALCHEMY PROJECT – Cognition, Real World, *ADHD, Sex and Singularity, Tragedy #DepthPsychology #Ecopsychology

It’s unfortunate that the designer of the concept of “The Singularity” is so disconnected from the earth.

I mean, look what he has spawned.  I watched part of this video…

Yesterday we looked at the rise of the diagnosis of ADHD in the 90’s.  And we looked at a genogram in which potential vices by Baby Boom men possibly have led to the rise in Autism, till now it is? One in 100.

The Alchemy Project uses techniques from Art and Narrative to locate the SELF as heroic avatar, not machine-strapped non-human.

For good reason.

So who were the Baby Boom men who wanted to get off this planet?

All we have to do is look at the childhoods.  Yesterday we looked at the 70’s and the era of cyronics and freezing sperm.  Vasectomies were part of the 60’s way of dealing with the unlimited sex of the time.  This halted as we reached 1980’s.  Suddenly everyone was afraid of the AIDS epidemic.  It’s where that has gone after though?  That is so disturbing.

You have EXTREME DISCONNECT from EARTH — in the transhumanists.

So what we saw yesterday were the DADS who dropped lots of acid in the 1960’s.

Their kids?

Those are the RAVE kids?

It’s a very strange generation that injects itself with lots of botulism.  It’s also a generation that has been exposed to special effects in movies to unprecedented levels.  And a generation that supplied their kids with every electronic whim.

What we are not seeing is a connection to EARTH as HOME in this generation.

For the fathers, war, like WW2 and then Vietnam is a backdrop.  So we can look at this as ESCAPIST?  Except, where this becomes really stupid is that the planet is dying choked off with the residues of their products.  There are ways to solve this, but?  It’s going to take a really massive effort to tap into a psyche that wrestles with animated dragons in virtual worlds.  Really.

Yesterday we talked about how film influences “cultural surround”  so let’s look at the phones in two generations:

We can see how the characters in STAR TREK influences the phone.  (Above).

So we can look at this and see how the 90s were for kids.

This is about adaptation to the machine and how kids were coping.  Questions are what could they SEE?  In the machine.  It is obvious that it was agitating to the child.

Looking at the diagnosis:

The above takes little about childhood into consideration.

Looking at Art Therapy as a treatment modality — “PLACE FOR CHILD TO BE THEMSELVES” and Identify feelings.  Notice how she mentions the home.

Looking at how narrative works in this population!  Think HEROIC AVATAR!

So in looking at the above we can see what a GOOD treatment modality looks like, versus a toxic treatment modality.

We had looked at eras along the genogram and discussed the nuclear family in the 1970’s with 13 channels on television.  Then we are fast forwarding into the 90’s.  So the isolation and cut off from nature and each other is a huge motif for this generation.

Watch this on creativity and feel very good.  About THE ALCHEMY PROJECT.


from Adrienne

MA Depth Psychology, ’98 Pacifica Graduate Institute

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