THE ALCHEMY PROJECT – Ecology #psyche #naturalism #plastics

I’m looking at the news on Bruce Jenner as a transgender.  Which led to research on kids and why the prevalence circa 2015.

Personally I could care less what his gender solutions are for himself?  He just represents the ego-centrism of that part of the male Baby Boomer to me.

Watched a little documentary on the concept, earlier off the BBC.

I think we have to rethink along a genogram what has happened to cause an outcome of one in 100 with Autism disorder and now a prevalence of sex reversals on this kind of scale at the same levels.

So, we looked at timeframes:






So basically what we are looking at is what James Hillman called “dis-ease” — in this case in the body/psyche.

So, in the 70’s many people were very earth conscious.

But what we have seen is a move AWAY from that?

How are you going to preserve the human race on the planet?

In the era of the cereal box shown above, we did not have science trying to re-manufacture HUMANS.

We did not have science trying to re-manufacture SEEDS.

We did not have PLASTICS to the level we have now in the oceans.

So in looking at a picture of where we seem to be going?

Ask yourself where is it we are going collectively?

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