An actor I really admire… (two actually)

It’s Harvey Keitel.

I haven’t seen all of his films, but the ones I have?  Whew.

I would say that his performance in “The Piano” was tops on all counts for me.  I wrote my graduate thesis on it.  I really did.  Snags a few things about him, like a picture in that, because today I did a very bold thing as a writer.  Boldest I have been in ages actually.  The Writer’s Conference is coming up on June 7th, and it will be back to all of that, and screenwriting, and new work and?

My short story “Man in the Moon” has Keitel all over it.

The film “The Piano” had a very large effect on me.

That role was so different for him.  Not the streetwise gangster, but?  The Lover.

“Man in the Moon” was first published at Cleansheets — as a serial piece of fiction under my old nom de plume Adrianna de la Rosa.

It’s about a woman and a much older man.  Twenty years are between them.  It’s what happens between them.

I think he would love the story.

I can’t wait to see him in the new film.  He seems so timeless, that even with his hair gone white, he still has the same really chiseled face.  Just stunning looking as an actor, no matter which picture you see.  But it is his acting.

He stole the show in The Piano as Baines.

He makes me smile.

He could play Valdez very easily.  And very truly.  Actually, seeing him in the film?  The tendresse, was what we call a “numinous” experience in Depth/Jungian circles.  He looks nothing like Valdez?  But he had the tenderness and vulnerability of Valdez.  Valdez is in two stories in that book of mine Gardenias.  The other story is called Casa Azul, and frankly — Keitel is much more like the character of Henry.  Valdez was like this actor — almost exactly.

It’s Sam Elliot.  Funny they both are making the same sort of thing now in these two new films they are in.  Casa Azul gives much more back story to Man in the Moon, and I still have all the love letters.

That new film Elliot is in, and the new one with Keitel will be total classics.  I mean these are REAL ACTORS.  The real deal.  Classical actors.

I was watching Elliot in this today — funny thing — he lives in these parts… just like I do.

Anyway… it was the INTERIOR of Keitel’s Baines that is Valdez, and the EXTERIOR of Elliot that was Valdez.

It’s his eyes.  And the way he is an actor.

And the way that I write literary erotica.

I really can’t stand what ELJ has done with her stupid 50.

I’m not that kind of writer anyway.

Valdez looked very much like this.

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