Scorsese and Keitel

Their first film.

I had no idea of that one until the other day.  The first one I really remember is Taxi Driver, but, it’s the theme in Taxi Driver I remember most.  In fact I don’t think I even realized as a child that I was looking at Keitel.  I just remember Foster and De Niro.  I’d love to see it again.  Also Mean Streets because, just to see the beginnings.

So I was watching this, on Keitel and acting as he has, and the books he read.

That first film, though.

That time is when Dad and my Uncle were also making films like that.  It seems terrible that Scorsese threw in that montage because of that guy Brenner. But then?  The character in Taxi Driver that Keitel played is almost a revenge against the first film.

My mother left dad because of what he did after the surfing films.  She and I went to see Taxi Driver — I remember the horror at thinking of what might befall Foster’s character.  It’s so many years ago,  looking at earliest Keitel and thinking wow Raging Bull was born here.

De Niro was the good guy.  Because of Foster.

This is very artful.

The trailer itself, is.

The film too.  Maybe I will watch because this is some kind of legacy that leads forward to The Piano.

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