Male Sexual Dysfunction

This is a big problem for women.  But my sense is that men have no idea how to really make love to women.

Check this out:

You really have to ask yourself after watching that, well?

A lot of men are just like his father was in bed.

So it is just a matter of not knowing what they are doing.  Then comes ELJ with that dumb character she has written who is very abusive.  Sex should be fun, last a long time and be a peaceful thing.  One of the reasons I write all the forms of male characters I do is to inform men about who they are.  In bed.

Nobody needs props and Viagra to have great sex.

You just have to be in love.

Men get great erections when they are filled with desire for a woman.

Not kidding.

Women are filled with desire for men who know what they are doing.

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