Santa Barbara Writers Conference 2015, Day 1!

So, very happy today to be seeing all the wonderful writers I know in a few hours.  Today because of all the Bruce Jenner madness going on, I will say this.

Women do love lingerie, for the most part.


The best little place in town for that?

Is a shop called:

The owner has written some of the best columns ever and she is going to be at the Conf this year telling us tales of Paris and fashion.


What would most women give to have men choose lingerie for them?

In the interest of all that, you can read one of my short stories called “Bing Cherry Silk”

It’s a true story, about a man.

In the meantime, I think I’ll just, well…

get ready!

ps: am painting my nails for it, btw.

See you later!

with pix!


from Adrienne

who is a woman…

& a writer

& a heterofeminist to boot.

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